Ridiculous reasons why Bolt Blocked their drivers


There are so many South Africans who are now Bolt drivers, and iBusiness has written a comprehensive article on how to to become a Bolt Driver as well as how to become an Uber Driver.

There’s a Facebook page that dedicated to bolt drivers and users where everyone post their issues as clients and drivers.

There are so many ridiculous reasons why most get blocked as drivers, below are some of the reasons:

1. Drivers  getting blocked for suspecious or irregular activities.


This can be a fair block when you request your own rides, and/or when you use someone’s profile which is deemed illegal. But imagine waking up to this message and you have no idea what they are talking about, this is when you will have to contact Bolt directly, and sometimes even when you do, they may or wouldn’t consider your appeal.

2. Drivers getting blocked for over working

It happens sometimes that we over work ourselves and it is absolutely healthy to rest for up to 8 hours. However, sometimes once in while we need to just go a little bit above our normal working hours. I dismiss this as a ridiculous reason, it’s good to rest, but they shouldn’t block the account and just notify you.

3. Getting blocked because other drivers’ missed orders are lower and yours are a lot higher.

One more percentage of missed orders can really get you blocked, but serious 1%, I know it’s only a temporary block but still, the more you get blocked, there more likely that your account will be canceled.

4. Getting blocked for clients not showing up.

Whose fault is it when a client doesn’t show up? And there are still a whole more clients that are most likely won’t show up, yet again, whose fault is it? Are bolt drivers suppose to look through every corner and find these clients? This to me is a ridiculous reason for getting blocked. And the block seem permanent, how unfortunate.

5. Getting blocked because your rating score is below ‘average’

What is wrong with 4.35 from 4.5? It is just slightly lower, but cannot be reason enough to get blocked. Bolt really need to relook at their system, and it is clear that the system has an algorithm and is automated.

6. Getting blocked without any clear reason

This one has to sting, unless of cause if you get a reason via SMS and/or email, and not the no-reply automated emails, I cannot stand no-reply emails during an emergency.

7. Getting blocked because of customer complaints.

A customer has every right to complain about the service you provide to them, however, imagine the scenerio, you get a request, and during arrival, you find your client waiting, and when you arrive at the destination, they tell you that it isn’t the destination and you have to drive them a few kilos or perhaps a few more block and as a driver you can politely reject to do so, however, guess what’s gonna be your rating? Clients sometimes rate out of anger and misunderstanding and bolt drivers have no control over that.

Do you want to be an Uber or Bolt driver? Have the heart, the patience and the courage to keep going, cause there’s so much more you will learn on the road.

Happy Driving!!

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