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SACP wants the Sassa R350 grant permanent

The SACP (South African Communist Party) has called for the Sassa R350 Covid-19 relief grant to be permanently paid to the unemployed citizens of South Africa. The Sassa grant relief is set to be paid every month as a six months plan, however, the SACP wants to extend this beyond the period and make it compulsory for everyone who is unemployed.

Speaking to News24, Mashilo confirmed that SAPC has indeed ‘proposed that South Africa should consider a minimum income support grant, especially taking into account long-term structural unemployment where the unemployed do not have any form of a grant or are not covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund.’

SASSA will be administering the grants from April towards October, as it was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

SASSA progress with applications

SASSA announced in a statement that by 31 May 2020 ‘116 867 clients were paid for the Special COVID-19 SRD Grant. In addition, to date, over 3,5 million were checked to confirm if they are either active SASSA grant recipients, are on the UIF database, or receive an NSFAS stipend.’

Busisiwe Memeza also mentioned over 13 million enquiries/application, and this was on the 25 May.

“We have received approximately 13 million enquiries/applications about the temporary special COVID-19 SRD grant as at Monday, 25 May 2020. About 6.3 million of these were valid complete applications. The rest were either duplicate applications, incomplete, had inconsistent data, or were just pure enquiries”,

Message error ‘Not Available’ and unknown Passwords and Usernames
iBusiness reported an issue with the system and it turned out the system was offline and technicians have been resolving the issue. By now you know how to check your grant relief status,
SASSA apologised for the delay and slowed services and the errors occurring due to a high volume of queries and applications.
‘We’re currently offline for checking the status of your COVID-19 grant and uploading bank details. If you get the screen below please ignore and try again tomorrow. Our technicians will work through the night to resolve the problem please accept our apologies’
(Image referred to is the screenshot of the Sassa website requesting usernames and passwords)

South African COVID-19 Information Portal

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