Sanlam Life Insurance

Sanlam Life Insurance
Sanlam Life Insurance, image: SABC News
Sanlam Life Insurance
Sanlam Life Insurance, image: SABC News

We are all familiar with the Sanlam Life Insurance Company which is a Licensed Financial Services Provider and a Registered Credit Provider (see: NCR). Life Insurance is very essential in everybody’s life. In an unfortunate event of death, your family will maintain their standard of living.  Secure your family’s future with a Sanlam Life Insurance that’s simply-designed and transparent. You can choose a maximum plan, or choose a flexibility plan that will best suit your insurance needs.

Depending on your finances, and/or personal needs, you have a choice to decide on how much amount of insurance you need. You can use the Sanlam Indie to purchase life and disability insurance online in just a few minutes. Sanlam Life Insurance offers two types of covers, namely: Matrix Express Cover and Matrix Premier Cover.

Sanlam Life Insurance Products

The company is devoted to making sure you get the right insurance package and/or manually create a package for you with their flexibility plan to best meet your insurance needs. It is easy to get fully quoted and covered as soon as you accept the quote online. The Sanlam Indie Policy comes with the free built-in Wealth Bonus (Learn more on how it works)

You will be guided on every step regardless if you know what you want or in need of help in choosing life insurance. Here are the products offered by the Insurance Company.

Matrix Express Cover and Matrix Premier Cover

  • You will be covered for funeral costs and any administration costs of your estate
  • Will pay off your outstanding debt and help your family with everyday living expenses
  • Your Insurance payout is tax-free to your beneficiaries
  • There’s a quick-payout portion of an amount paid for urgent costs
  • Should you be diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than a year to live, you receive all your insurance amount tax-free

You are required to make monthly payments until death, and for a tailor-made solution, you are can speak to a financial adviser on 0860 070 707. Your monthly premiums are determined by age and risk profile. If you are a Sanlam Reality Member on the Reality Plus and Reality Health package, you will get up to a 30% discount on Matrix Premier Risk products (learn more).

Sanlam Indie

With Sanlam, you can get a quote in just under 10 minutes with Sanlam Indie; alternatively, you can speak to a Sanlam financial adviser. Pay off your debts even when you are not present, and have your family be taken care of. With Sanlam Indie, get your full cover amount when you have a life-threatening illness with a life expectancy of fewer than 12 months.

The Quick-payout portion amount’s 10% of your life cover up to R50 000 for urgent costs, and Sanlam Indie lets you proactively skip premiums, and you won’t lose your cover or reduce Wealth Bonus.

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