SARS could be your new follower on Facebook and Twitter


When the tax-man knocks at your door, I don’t think they coming to check on you, cause they hardly visit for just a cup of coffee – now SARS (South African Revenue Service) gets a little bit personal, so much so that, they will now follow you on Twitter and Facebook so they can know exactly what you are spending on.

The legal manager at Tax Consulting SA, Louis Nel said this should not be taken lightly. If the lifestyle online is not consistent with your declared tax information to SARS, you are in trouble.

Get this, you could easily get arrested, according to amendments to Section 234 of the Tax Administration.

This unit, empowered by the recent amendment to Section 234 of the TAA, now only needs to prove that a taxpayer’s non-disclosure was negligent, compared with *the juxtaposition of proving intentional non-disclosure to criminally charge a taxpayer.


Louis Nel continued to say, as reported on bbrief and BusinessTechIt has recently been proven that SARS’ teeth have been sharpened to mismatch declared income and the apparent tax liability owed to the Fiscus when SARS successfully obtained a preservation order in the Pretoria High Court against the luxury-car-loving businessman, Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu, who had taken to social media to flaunt his recently acquired vehicles to the value of R10,5-million which did not sit well with SARS officials.

It is expected that SARS will apply the same methodology, including reviewing taxpayer’s social media accounts, when considering the tax affairs of HNWI, and where there is a want for compliance with the respective tax legislations, SARS will act accordingly, and the courts do not take non-compliance lightly, as can be seen in the Ndlovu matter.

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