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Sassa declines more R350 Grant Relief applications with ‘other source of income’

declined sassaSASSA has unfortunately declined millions of applications and most of which have been receiving the unfortunate news on Sunday. The message reads: ‘Your application for SASSA COVID 19 SRD Grant is declined.  You currently have income from other sources.’

Many are disappointed with the results and SASSA has also reassured that everyone will be paid only when they don’t have any kind of income.

With that been said, it’s only unfortunate that millions of other applications are still being processed and ‘pending‘ as a result.

Some people who have successfully applied for the Grant and have sent the necessary banking details are still not paid.

More and more people are gradually being paid and are receiving their full payments as promised. More and more applications receive the outcome of their applications and the reasons thereof should they not qualify.

SASSA declined my R350 grant application, what now?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done once your application has been declined, except enquiring on 0800601011. According to a post on Facebook, Mervin Andrew Willemse confirms that ‘SASSA has begun the process of sending some Social Relief of Distress grant (SRD) usually known as R350 unemployed grant applicants messages informing them that their application for SASSA COVID 19 SRD grant has been declined because they have a source of income.’

‘Our local NPO under the stewardship of miss Debbie Van Rooi assisted jobless youth and community members with the registration process and since yesterday many came to enquire the reason why they grants were declined, unfortunately, WE DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS, many of these applicants did not have phones and all our volunteers received 176 declined messages so far and will inform them during the cause of the day, I would suggest that Sassa give full details in these SMS’s to applicants like UIF application pending, etc’ he added.

Currently, SASSA hasn’t updated any news about the R350 COVID 19 SRD Grant.


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Ayisha 24 June 2020 at 2:57 pm

I was approved in may nd all my details we’re submitted in may I didn’t yet get paid Iam still waiting

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