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SASSA: Payment Method Changes for COVID-19 Grant available for a week,

Applicants who have been trying to change their method of payment, have been granted an opportunity to do so by enabling them to receive their grants at their chosen and convenient outlets. Beneficiaries of the COVID-19 grant cab now change from one payment method to another.

‘They can change from receiving their grant at the Post Office to a bank account of their choice or vice versa. They also have the flexibility to move from one bank to another.’

SASSA will be opening the system to enable approved applicants to change their method of payments should they wish to do so from the first week of August.

‘This will be open from Monday 03 August to Sunday 09 August 2020, 24 hours a day. Approved beneficiaries of the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant can change their payment method by visiting www.srd.sassa.gov.za from 03 to 09 August to 2020.’ SASSA writes in a statement

This comes after a number of complaints from beneficiaries who were unable to receive their funds at the Post Office, and SASSA was swamped with complaints. Post Offices usually get packed on a daily basis and some people walk home disappointed.

‘The challenges reported, include long queues and the fact that funds run out at times. Beneficiaries end up having to be sent home empty-handed.’

SASSA will let you change your payment details from the first week of August, giving applicants a full 7 days to do so.

‘Beneficiaries of the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress are requested not to visit the Post Office during the first seven days of the month as that week is reserved for payment of the normal grants.’

‘It is important for beneficiaries to understand that they should not go to the Post Office before they have received the SMS notification that says funds are available.’

IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT: SASSA cannot pay money for one person into the account held by another.

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SASSA CEO, Tsotsie Memela said that “If choosing a money transfer option, please ensure that the cell phone number provided is correct and is registered in your name. Just like with a bank account, SASSA cannot pay the grant into a cell phone which is registered to another person”

‘“We are a listening government and these changes emanate from beneficiaries who appealed to us to provide them this flexibility and we duly obliged”

SASSA also indicated that payments of the special grants are quicker if paid into a bank account.

“Please help SASSA to help you access the money to which you are entitled without delay by ensuring that your details are correct, the payment channel most convenient to you is selected and that the information provided is accurate” Memela concluded.

Application who fail to update their method of payment and have provided incorrect banking details will receive their grant through the Post Office.

WhatsApp 082 046 8553 for frequently asked questions.

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Abulele mlahlwa 14 November 2020 at 3:18 pm

I want to change change payment method

Sfiso Richard Shangase 10 August 2020 at 4:38 pm

Sassa is confusing..really! I applied using a number not registered on my name. Because I don’t have a cellphone nor registered Sim. My AppId was approved. They ask for choice of banking detail update. The link works,but when I Submit. Result. Failed.

Help. I don’t wanna change no banking details.

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