SASSA R350 appeal contacts announced

R350 appeal
R350 appeal, image: SASSA

All the rejected applicants can direct their appeals for review to, Out of 7.5 million applications received through various electronic application platforms, which include USSD, Website, WhatsApp and email, 4 424 720  have been approved leaving a possibility of over 3 000 000 rejected application.

However, out of the 4 424 720 approved applications, only 3 429 808 were paid as of 12 July 2020.

‘ SASSA is implementing a Recourse Mechanism for applicants who have been declined and wish to review the decision’, it is imperative to use the email: for appeals ONLY.

Currently, the Social Development is considering the Universal income grant in South Africa, the story will be covered as it unfolds.

In numbers, 994912 applicants are still not paid (If you fall under the unpaid, please consider using one of our Email Templates to get help from SASSA)

From previous a report, SASSA indicated that ‘Over 70% of those that did not qualify were either receiving or qualifying for UIF benefits according to the database that SASSA was using then to sift through the applications. Subsequently, SASSA took a decision to request an updated database to reconsider the declined UIF cases instead of advising the aggrieved applicants to follow the appeals route.’, Now if you still currently decline, please use the email address provided above.

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  1. I am not receiving any income while I’VE got NSFAS .why my status says decline? I need this money because I am not working anywhere

  2. Hi my name is Jackie Kubheka I have been rejected reason being irp5 registered reason and I am not working I tried to appeal to civid-19 email address but still no luck even now since May and it’s More than a year of unemployment with four kids it’s hard and cost of living is too high

    Your help would be highly appreciated

  3. I went to u.i.f yesterday, asking them to cancel me, because I dont have any income, I neede sassa money, they say, there is nothing they can do,,, in other hand people who registered at SARS some of them approved, ,, am heart broken


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