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SASSA R350 Grant Relief: August approvals and payments

The nightmare begins, but at least a lot of anger has subsided. Over a few months since the beginning of the R350 Grant Relief for COVID-19 and the impact it has made in the entire world, SASSA has had a number of complaints since the introduction of the SRD system. However, considering the massive data that SASSA had to deal with, and the check-ups thereof with 3rd parties – they seem to have handled the situation pretty well.

As it stands, a lot of people have not yet been approved for August 2020. In July applicants who were previously rejected and later approved received double payments, whereas in other cases where an applicant hadn’t received any payment were paid triple.

The same scenario awaits this month, as many other applicants, some of which Isaac More spoke to in Mogopa Village, have not yet received their first payment but have been approved.

SASSA has said when it comes to payments, there will not be a fixed date, the reason for this is that there are way too many applicants, and SASSA still received new applicants on a daily basis, for as long as the registration system remains open. Payments are scheduled according to your payday when available.

For everyone who was struggling to change their banking details, SASSA has enabled a way to do it. iBusiness wrote a comprehensive article on how to change the method of payment.

However, one of the applicants Isaac (iBusiness Blogger) interviews managed to change their method of payment to receive the grant into the bank and days later still received an SMS from SASSA requesting her to collect the funds at a Post Office (Perhaps her details on the SASSA application did not match those at the bank)

All applicants will know the outcome of this month’s SASSA’s application whether they still qualify for the grant or not. SASSA reviews applicants each month.

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Isaac More

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Sandile 12 August 2020 at 5:00 pm

Hi I applied in May and I received my first pay in June 13 since then nothing else came into my account,So I want to know, is this a once off payment or are we still going to be paid until 31 of December as the Minister sad? Because I’m still waiting and I have nothing and I’m tired bordering people to help me and I have a child to support also


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