SASSA R350 Grants for March 2021 (Pending vs Approval)


The grants for March hasn’t been processed as seen from the iBusiness report. It has come to our attention that many applicants haven’t received February payments.

The process is tidious and so it seems, but eventually everyone who’s approved will get what’s due to them.

COVID-19 recoveries are now at a very promising rate but there is still a 3rd wave warning, which will be uncontrollable should it hit SA. Eastern Cape is the province with the lowest active cases.

The Grants may be extended should a 3rd wave hit SA, however, we are hoping it won’t come to that point, by the time of this publication, SASSA as the president announced, extended the grants for an extra 3 months, that is until April 2021.


If you haven’t appealed by now, no appeals will be accepted as the cut-off date was on the 28 February 2021.

Soon your account will be processed and put under pending before it can be approved, this is done to recheck if you still qualify to receive the R350 COVID-19 grant.

At the time of this publication South Africa had moved from Alert Level 3 to Level 1, resuming most of our economic activities. In my opinion, this was a bold move and hopefully people will adhere to the regulations to stop the spread of the virus within our communities.

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