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SASSA SRD R350 Update: November is now pending soon to be approved

November Pending soon be processed
iBusiness, SRD screenshot (SASSA WEB)

November has now been added to your accounts, you can check your status and you’ll notice that it’s currently pending and soon to be processed. iBusiness has reported that SASSA extended the R350 SRD funds to January of 2021. The qualified will continue to receive R350 for the next 3 months (November, December, and January).

iBusiness has also explained the paydays for November and December, but January is no exception as the same rules apply. By ‘rules’ what do I mean, you asked? well, there are no fixed dates for the SRD payments, payments are always different, payday will be different, and so without repetition of the same information,  go to the SRD website and check your status, and you’ll find your November status pending.

There are so many happy faces currently, people who have received their outstanding funds, however, many have not received their first R350, this is picked up from comments on iBusiness. This is yet to be fully reviewed and if you haven’t received your funds as promised, and you were approved, please comment on the section below and so we can let others know that they are not the only ones.

In a nutshell, 

November payments are being processed and for some reason, if November is still not showing in your account, let us know.

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  1. sassa didnt approve november only,i did receive other months starting from may its november tht declined dont knw why

  2. Hi, I haven’t received any payment from October till today and I was approved. When I check my status it doesn’t have a pay date

  3. Hi my last 3 payments I got via fnb ewallet but the last 4 months shows approved on status but haven’t received any money yet..

  4. I applied in May for both myself and my fiance. He got approved in May and received his first and only payment in June event though he has been approved for all of the months with only December pending.

    I was only approved in June and is yet to receive one payment. We are on the brink of loosing everything.


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