SASSA update: many wait for the link SMS, others fail to submit banking details


For the past few days, the SASSA system has been up and down – unemployed citizens of South Africa who qualify for the grant have been able to check their R350 SRD status – while may have been approved and still waiting for the SMS from SASSA providing the link to submit method of payment.

Many others have been failing to submit their banking details as the system returns the ‘fails’ message pop up. SASSA has reassured that those who qualify will get their full salary regardless of how long it may take.

What do we know so far?

  • 13 million applications were received across different application channels.
  • Duplicate applications were identified and eliminated.
  • 6 578 762 single applications remained
  • To date 3 277 660 applications were rejected

‘Please note that SASSA has been experiencing high application volumes in the first couple of weeks. Many people also apply more than once or apply on all the channels. This delays the process as SASSA will only consider one application. Please be patient, they will revert back to you as soon as possible. Every applicant will be advised as to the outcome of their applications’


The best thing possible to know is to be a little more patient.  If your account is still pending, you will know the outcome of your application – everyone will – no matter how long it may take.

At the point it time, a lot of people may feel ignored, however, dealing with millions of applications and queries is definitely daunting and patience is required. SASSA updates once in a while, but will hear from it soon.

‘Verification process takes time. Please bear with us, we apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.’


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  1. Hy Isaac, they send the link of approval for the ID no 7607*****088 since last week Saturday but can’t open the link to send back details what can I do

  2. I applied in may and when I check my application it says it has been approved since from the 15th of may but I hvnt received any massages where they are asking for my banking details I don’t knw why I hvnt received it yet

    And I applied for someone else too and I accidentally filled the form with wrong numbers and now I was wondering if it’s possible to change them so that she can receive the massage for her banking details

  3. I can’t submit my banking datails ; they keep on failing whenever i try to submit them i don’t know why.
    Please help

  4. I applied but its still pending I don’t know why. If am not qualifying I think should get messages telling that we do not qualify

  5. Whaahaahaa! Comedy of errors! Using a pocket calculator one can easily determine that it will take around four years for SASSA to do what they say they’re doing. Just yesterday SASSA vowed to repeat the exercise every month and hence, assuming the SRG should last for six months, the last recipient should receive their final installment in around 2044…if they’re still alive. I’m honestly not surprised.
    On a differently similar note, Big Chief Ramaphosa held a party when the might of the Air Force managed to fly a few South Africans home from China. America had a lower key party for putting people in space; for perspective. We are lost!

  6. Hello my status says um approved but I didn’t receive a message to provide for my banking details ,plz help me my I’d application is 22***5 and my cell no is 07382**38*

    • Hi my status says I’m approved and I got paid on the 13of June but I didn’t got SMS for the link of account number

  7. Hi my sassa grand has been approved I checked on WhatsApp my status say approved but I didn’t get the link what’s next? Should I wait or what


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