SASSA update: ‘pending’ and ‘unpaid’ applicants

SASSA R350 update

Things are easing up as a heavy burden has been offloaded, as we see a lot of applications getting approved and paid. There is also a high number of applications that are still pending, and some have been approved and yet unpaid. The R350 Social Grant Relief has caused such a stir when SASSA systems went offline last week.

The system was back online from Sunday and continues to approve and pay those who have successfully applied for the R350 Social Grant for the unemployed. A whole lot of people have been applying more than 2 to 4 times, and some unnecessarily reapplied soon as they see other people getting feedback on their application.

SASSA is currently busy making payments and approving applications. Having said that, with a little more patience, SASSA will reply and communicate the outcome of each application.

It’s clear that most people’s applications are still pending, whereas some have been fully approved and yet not paid a single cent despite having applied earlier in time.

If you don’t have a bank account and have just been approved, you should select the ‘No’ option when asked if you have a bank account, under the link from which you should verify your banking details, and you can select a bank of your choice for cardless services.

The Regional Contact Numbers for Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Applications. CALL SASSA National Call Center: 0800 60 10 11 or email:

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  1. first time I did apply for the sassa R350 grant it was pending and now it’s for the second time and am unemployed can I get help please I really need this social grant

  2. I applied for srd grant m I got approved from June to Feb n I also got paid the problem start from March to April my I declined they says because of my nsfas registered but I don’t receive a payment from nsfas n idont even find a space from school what am I supposed to do bcz ireally need this money

  3. I applied last year August but I went to collect it on January 2021 all is approved but then they said sassa has not put my money at the post officeI keep on getting sassa otp n there’s no specifics as to how i withdraw or get at the post office


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