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SASSA warns of SRD R350 grant fake news

SASSA R350 SRD grant will not be paid to beneficiaries until 2021. The special COVID-19 temporary SRD grant will only be paid for 6 months, until October 2020. There has been fake news making rounds on social media that the SRD grant will go beyond 6 months of which SASSA has indicated not to be true.

It is imperative to follow reputable news websites and blogs to stay up to date about SASSA News and all the other news impacting our lives. The website called operanewsapp.com has been distributing and sharing the fake news article about the SRD R350 SASSA grant misleading millions of South Africans.

SASSA did not touch on the R350 grant relief progress at the time of the statement. It seems there’s a bigger portion of people who have not received their first payments – and have also come to realize that those who were previously rejected have gotten their first payment before them.

SASSA has continuously urged applicants to monitor their status progress on the SRD website. Unfortunately, some links and details do not match their request when in most cases fails to go through.  iBusiness did reach to SASSA about a week ago to find out if there could be solutions for the failing links, but at the time of this publication, SASSA hadn’t reached to us as yet.

It is possible that SASSA may be facing a lot of mismatched information, and many applied for another people using the same number, which initially wasn’t the problem – however, at this point, it seems to be making it hard for the system to recognize different ID numbers with the same number used to register.

iBusiness has been advising thousands of our readers to email all the necessary details to srd@sassa.gov.za and to ignore the automated reply.

However, now that SASSA has been quiet about the SRD for a while, iBusiness projects that SASSA is busy sorting out failing links.

The previously rejected have gotten their first payments; anyone unpaid could be because of unknown mistakes which could be solved when contacting SASSA directly.

Please take a look at OUR R350 EMAIL TEMPLATES to send to SASSA to help you with any problem you might be faced with.

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