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Send Money with eWallet in South Africa using FNB

If you are an FNB customer, you can make use of the eWallet functionality to send money instantly to anyone in South Africa who has a valid cellphone number and have them withdraw the cash at any FNB ATM or selected retailers. You can send money from your FNB account and have it transferred instantly, securely, and at most affordable rates.

The person you’ll be ‘eWalleting’, will receive the cash into the eWallet, You can send eWallet using the FNB’s cellphone, online banking and using the FNB app.

When a recipient receives the cash into the eWallet, they can make purchases at selected retailers, purchase airtime, data, and/or electricity using the eWallet functionality, as well as pay for good online using the Cell Pay Point.

You can send up to R3000 per day when using the Online Banking Service or the FNB app, and up to R1500 when using the Cellphone Banking or the FNB ATM. The eWallet can only hold as much as R5000 and can be withdrawn at any FNB ATM and/or selected retailers across South Africa.

If you wish to reverse an eWallet, you can call 087 575 9405 and request a reversal. Money sent to an incorrect number leaves you liable as an account holder, and reversals may incur a fee and are not always guaranteed.

How to send eWallet on FNB

  1. On your cellphone, dial *120*321#
  2. Select ‘Send Money’ option,
  3. Select ‘eWallet’ and the account would like to send money from,
  4. Enter the cellphone number of the recipient
  5. Enter the amount you’d like to send
  6. Then select ‘Yes’ to send an SMS with an ATM PIN to the recipient for withdrawal.
  7. Before you send, please confirm the amount and cellphone number.

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