South Africans making money with INUKA Fragrance and Cosmetic products (MLM)


Many South Africans are into MLM (MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING) which is a numbers game. Many have fallen into pyramid schemes as South African citizens sought out ways to escape being destitute, and some want to pay off their debts and live a financially-free life.

In our times, it can be difficult to spot a genuine business opportunity to venture on and an investment scam. The difficulty in spotting the genuine from the fake is because both rely on recruits and multiple levels of distributors.

One of the most successful MLMs in South Africa is the direct selling of products that are recognizable in the market and those are far from being seen as pyramid schemes. MLM is a very lucrative industry, and DSA (A Direct Selling Association of SA) spokesperson told City Press that: “The numbers of direct sellers or business owners in South Africa come at around 1.2 million people. The industry, when measured by total annual sales, came to nearly R13 billion for last year. This is about 78% of total sales in the whole African continent. Globally, the direct selling industry is worth about $193 billion”

The spokesperson continued to say that “First, there is real value being exchanged. Goods and services are exchanged for the money that people earn. Second, with a certain critical mass, direct selling businesses continue to be profitable even if the number of new entrepreneurs entering the sector is stagnant because the existing entrepreneurs continue to buy the goods and services from which they receive value.” pointing out the difference in direct selling.


iBusiness came to realize and recognize an emerging MLM which South Africans are taking advantage of called INUKA. INUKA, with a slogan ‘Always with You’ has been around for 20 years, was established by Alma Gericke in June 2010.

The name INUKA means ‘surrounded by smell’ is a Network Marketing Company selling luxurious cosmetics and fragrance products at wholesale prices to independent entrepreneurs. The brand caters to major companies as well as individuals willing to create a supplementary second income.

INUKA is a brand that is recognized in 12 African Countries, namely: South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, Angola, Malawi, DRC and Mauritius and slowly spreading across other African countries.

To date, the company has over 100 000 registered members. One of the members Koketso Mosina pointed out on Facebook that ‘Inuka fragrances has business kits ranging from R600 to R6000’

‘if you can’t afford this and would like to sell our products and earn 50% profit, I can offer you a revival kit of only R380 (including delivery) you won’t be a registered member with Inuka when purchasing this kit you will, however, be equipped with the necessary tools for you to go out and make sales’ she concluded.

For more information visit the INUKA official website.

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