Special R350 SRD Edition: iBusiness wants to help with issues still faced by applicants (Where to complain)


It is unfortunate that most applicants, despite being approved have not received a single cent since the beginning of SRD grants in South Africa. iBusiness has taken initiative to help those still having issues with the SASSA R350 SRD grant.

Here are the issues that iBusiness would like to advise you on:

As this is a special edition, we want you to comment in the comments section below and please stay online so the iBusiness blogger (Isaac More), can assist and advise you on what steps to take, and thus it is imperative that you remain online and/or keep checking for replies, no comment will go unnoticed.

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We are waiting to assist you in every way possible. this will also help others see that they are not the only way and also help identify some of the other issues arising. (This is a special dedicated article until January of 2021)


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  1. I ddnt received my money since august till now all my months are approved with paydates when i go to post they say theres no money in please help?

  2. Hi I wasn’t approved for May,rather May doesn’t even show on my status why is that,it’s only from June,if anyone can assist me with that info please.

  3. I applied in May then result become pending then an sms was sent to me saying my details dont match with my id so i called sassa office to correct that info but didn’t get through so I re apply then emailed and re apply again its been declined since then till now,how possible can it be cause I’ve been using this id all my life using these same details I’ve never used the sec surname that may appear that is Mbambani which may be the cause of being declined,please help!.

  4. I have been receiving my SRD grant through my bank account from June to August and I realized that my account was debidet by an unauthorised entity. I then decided to change my payment method from my CAPITEC bank account to an ATM cardless through Absa. I have been approved for every month from September to November with December now pending but haven’t received any payment since September. What must I do?

  5. Hi I was approved and I got the money but as president ramaphosa extended the money for three months my sassa status has declined due to registration for irp5 and I’m not registered to it

  6. Hi I have been approved since July with all paydays but I haven’t received not even one amount yet my status shows paydays from July to November pls help me find out what’s going on will be grateful for your help

  7. I haven’t received the money for November. My status says I’m registered on IRP5 but I haven’t been working for 20 yrs

  8. Hi

    My name is Nkosana Zulu from Boksburg, Gauteng. A few weeks ago I received a notification from FNB that my SRD grant had been deposited. Unfortunately my FNB account has been closed for some months now and is not active. I have been collecting the SRD grant from the Post Office since May. It’s only the August and September payments that I have yet to collect. On the SASSA website, unfortunately the option to change to Post Office payment is not available. Only the Private Banks appear. I went to FNB and they notified me that the amount was returned back to SASSA. May you please kindly assist me to be able to collect it at the Post Office, as before. I have been approved for August, September, October and November.


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