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Stage 2 load-shedding continues from 9 AM on Friday, 31 January 2020

Load-shedding will continue from Friday to Monday (31 January 2020 – 3 February 2020) – You will be affected for the whole weekend. 

Friday to Monday Eskom Load Shedding
Eskom Load Shedding, Eskom Logo Modified

It all started yesterday when Eskom implemented load-shedding from 21:00 until 6:00 this morning, and it was confirmed to resume at 9 AM, Friday 31 January 2020 in the morning.  Emergency resources were depleted, and the system was under a lot of constraints according to the statement alert.

In this Morning alert, Eskom has re-confirmed the continuation of stage 2 load-shedding. “Eskom stopped stage 2 load-shedding at 06:00 this morning and will continue with stage 2 today (Friday) until 6:00 on Monday”

The whole weekend will be affected by load-shedding as the same report of depleted emergency resources is confirmed on the alert this morning, “which were used extensively to supplement capacity over the past few days”

Eskom has also confirmed to taking out three big units for unplanned maintenance on Friday. At 5:30 as of this morning, the unplanned outages were at 12 722 MW. Eskom continues to monitor the system closely and will continue with periodic updates.

The SOC company apologized in a statement to all South Africans and assures the nation of ongoing critical maintenance on power units on planned and unplanned outages to ensure load-shedding is ceased.

“We will use the weekend to replenish dam levels for pumped storage schemes and diesel for open-cycle gas turbines,” Eskom said on a statement alert on Friday.

The company urges South Africans to use electricity wisely. There hasn’t been any load-shedding for a couple of times and Eskom assures the nation it will restore the system to its normal functioning conditions.

South Africans are urged to use the cold water tap instead of using the geyser every time, only boil the amount of water you need using a kettle, Set air-conditioners avg. temp at 23 degrees, turn off devices such as computers, copiers, print and avoid standby or sleep mode.

Employees are urged to switch off the lights and air-conditioners when leaving the office, it is also advised to switch off geysers over peal periods. Eskom advises on setting your swimming pool pump cycle to run only twice a day, three hours at a time to save electricity.

Check your load-shedding schedule o loadshedding.eskom.co.za or your municipal website.

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