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Standard Bank

Standard Bank Blue Credit Card

Standard Bank Blue Credit Card
Standard Bank Blue Credit Card, Image: pxhere.com

We all need access to money when we need it most. There are so many Credit Card Accounts offered by our banks in South Africa, all of which require credit checks and FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) requirements. Having a credit card is the same as having a loan that needs to be repaid. Ensure you meet your obligations when you have a loan or a credit card to avoid a bad Credit Score.

Getting a Blue Credit Card from Standard Bank is easy and gives you all the confidence you need for financial freedom. You can do more than just withdrawals; you can make secure payments online when shopping.

One of the best security features any bank can ever have is the ability to deactivate or reactivate your credit card using the Standard Bank mobile banking app and it’s free.

The Standard Bank Blue Credit Card gives you the confidence to swipe or tap to pay in any store where you see a MasterCard ® sign. You can link all your apps to strengthen your online security payments using your phone.

Paying back your outstanding balance has its own rewards, not only does it strengthen your credit score, but it also gets you 0 interest charges if paid in full for 55 days with Standard Bank. Earn Points with UCount Rewards when you pay using your Blue Credit Card.

NB: The Blue Credit Card is a basic and simple credit facility with no additional loyalty features or benefits. It is still the best option if simplicity is what you looking for.

What’s more?

  • You will get a MasterCard Credit Card with a secure Chip and PIN (Personal Identification Number) (Always keep your PIN as a secret at all cost and never share it with anyone)
  • Shop securely online, and use it just about anywhere in South Africa and merchants worldwide
  • It comes with a 3D secure verification and tap-to-pay in-store when spending less than R501
  • You can link your card to SnapScan or Masterpass apps to strengthen the security of your online payments
  • Full access to your card functionality
  • Use Standard Bank’s mobile app, online banking, etc. to manage your card and funds
  • Your Credit limit may be changed on request and in a case, if you lose your card, you will be automatically protected
  • Make use of budget facilities

Blue Credit Card Fees

  • You will be charged a monthly fee of R40.00
  • When opening an account you will be charged an initiation fee of R175.00
  • If you pay the outstanding balance, you get up to 55 days of free interest
  • Automatic Payment Option that allows a minimum of 3% of the outstanding amount to be paid.

Blue Credit Card Requirement

  • You must have an income of R5000 or more per month to qualify for the Blue Credit Card with Standard Bank
  • You have to produce your valid South African Identity Document or Smart Card ID or passport for non-SA citizens
  • Proof of residence that’s not older than 3 months need to be at hand
  • A most recent payslip as well as the latest 3 months bank statement showing your income
  • You have to be older than 18 years

For more information visit the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card Page, you can call 0860 123 000, or visit your nearest branch. Standard Bank is a licensed financial services provider and a registered credit provider (NCRCP15)

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