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Telkom Data Bundle Transfers

Telkom Data Transfer
Telkom Data Transfer, image: www.telkom.co.za

This is personally my favorite – a friend in need is a friend indeed. What is the use anyway if we can’t share?

Our everyday lives are literally missing something without data unless you don’t have a phone, then that’s a struggle that you will eventually overcome unless you don’t want any.

Be like Isaac, Isaac Shares Data, Isaac is a Data-Hero

Data Transfer is one of the finest most valuable Telkom services that allow Telkom Prepaid Customers to share data amongst one another hustle free. By doing so, you allow your closest friends and family to stay connected with you.

How to transfer Telkom Data

  1. Dial *180#
  2. Choose Option 4
  3. Choose to transfer Airtime or Data in this case data (Option 2)
  4. Enter 10 Telkom Digits from which you’d like to transfer Data.
  5. Choose the Amount and Confirm.

You have a monthly limit of 5GB and you can transfer data from 250MB – once you’ve completed the transaction, the data will be instantly transferred, your Once-off and FreeMe Bundles can be transferred at no cost to you.

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