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Telkom LIT_ on the SA Network

Telkom LIT
Telkom LIT, image: www.telkom.co.za

Telkom has become one of the best services when it comes to free streaming, and by free, I mean you will be accessing video streaming services and music streaming services as well as games and movies without using any DATA. That’s right all your Showmax, DSTV Now, Youtube accounts can be accessed for absolutely FREE. As if it’s not LIT_ enough, you get Google Play Movies, Google Play Music and Simfy Africa for free – with the best internet connection.

When you purchase the LIT_ bundle on Telkom, one that suits you best, you get to enjoy all the entertainment at the palm of your hands. It’s easy and affordable, and Netflix among other streaming services will all be yours.

Unlock Telkom Content from Partners with LIT_ with the LIT Video & Music data bundle – in which case when you purchase it, it will consume the data from your streaming data and not your regular data plan.

Here are some of the LIT_ Video and Music Streaming Data Bundle options and Prices.

  1. Daily Bundles valid for 24 hours from the time of activation
    • 500MB for R20
    • 1GB for R30
    • 2GB for R50
    • 75MB for R4
    • 100MB for R7
    • 250MB for R13
  2. Weekly bundle valid 7 Days from the day of activation
    • 250MB for R15
    • 500MB for R25
    • 1GB for R40
    • 2GB for R70
    • 3GB for R100
    • 5GB for R150
  3. Monthly Bundles – valid for 31 Days from the day of activation.
    • 500MB for R40
    • 1GB for R60
    • 2GB for R100
    • 3GB for R140
    • 5GB for R200
    • 10GB for R280
    • 25GB for R350
    • 50GB for R400

You can use the data to stream Video and Music from all the LIT content Partners; you can enjoy LIT_ music streaming at ease – accessing music from Apple Music, Google Play or Simfy Africa. You can download track to listen to offline without using your data – when purchasing a FreeMe 2GB package or higher.

The FreeMe 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB or Unlimited plan unlocks your LIT_ music streaming – when you have purchased the FreeMe from 5GB, 10GB, 20GB or Unlimited you have unlocked the LIT_ Streaming as well.

Purchases from 2GB to Unlimited get you a free 10GB of LIT_ Music Streaming and can be renewed for only R100.

LIT_Video Streaming

Telkom lets you rip all the benefits when you purchase a FreeMe 5GB to unlimited, You unlock a free capped 50GB Video streaming. This can be easily renewed each month for R400.

ShowMax on Telkom

You can add the ShowMax on your Telkom Account, for R99pm, and this will allow you to stream over 25 000 titles for Free with Telkom LIT.

How to do it
  • Login to your account and sign up for ShowMax alternatively you can visit the Telkom Store.
  • You will get an SMS confirmation with a unique promo code
  • You can then access the showmax.com/voucher where you can register and enter the code sent to your phone as an SMS, under showmax voucher.
  • You DID IT!

For information Visit www.telkom.co.za

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