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Telkom UNIX and Windows Shared Web Hosting

telkom shared web hosting
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Finding a hosting company for your website is one thing that we cannot avoid when looking to host a website. With so many hosting companies with competitive shared web hosting prices, it has come to be easier when choosing a hosting solution.

Telkom offers a range of different products and services one of which is their UNIX shared Web Hosting.

UNIX shared Web Hosting


Telkom Unix Features MicroStarterSpecializedSophisticatedSuper-User
Disk Space with:1GB3GB6GB10GB15GB
FTP Accounts1x2x4x7x10x
Databases (MySQL 5 for UNIX and MSSQL 2008 for Windows)1x1x5x10x20x
Support for PHP, Perl, CGI Email and custom CGI     
Web Statistics     
Domain registration (.co.za)     
Web traffic1GB3GB5GB10GB15GB
Site Builder     
Control Panel for Webpage, Email, Database, and DNS administration Email Accounts:     
Number and size of accounts1@1GB each5@1GB each8@1GB each10@1GB each20@1GB each
Aliases per account5x5x5x5x5x
Mail forwarding     
Spam filter     
Anti-virus Scanning     
Price per monthR 30.26R 59.52R 89.78R 140.22R 200.75

Windows Shared Web Hosting

Disk Space with:10GB15GB
FTP Accounts7x10x
Databases (MySQL 5 for UNIX and MSSQL 2008 for Windows)10x20x
Support for PHP, Perl, CGI Email and custom CGI  
Web Statistics  
Domain registration (.co.za)  
Web traffic10GB15GB
Site Builder  
Control Panel for Webpage, Email, Database, and DNS administration Email Accounts:  
Number and size of accounts10@1GB each20@1GB each
Aliases per account5x5x
Mail forwarding  
Spam filter  
Anti-virus Scanning  
Price per monthR 150.31R 220.92

Telkom Share Web Hosting Features and Benefits

  • You will gain control of your website through the Telkom’s infrastructure.
  • Daily backups
  • There’s room to upgrade as you grow
  • Pay for what’s needed
  • Secure hosting,
  • Business convenience with centralized sales, service activation and 24/7 customer support services

For more information visit the Telkom’s Shared hosting Page or call Telkom on 10210 and please note that “customers share a physical server, its processor(s), storage/disc space, CPU, memory, and connection to the data center network. Shared hosting is attractive as a low-cost solution for relatively simple websites.

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