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Telkom Prepaid ZKhipha Even More

With Telkom, there will always be the best suitable plan just for you. With Telkom Prepaid Z’khipa even more, because you get more than you even ask for. There are two types of Prepaid plans with Telkom, namely Telkom More and Sim Sonke. These prepaid plans have especially been designed to help you get more whether you need data or airtime.

Here are the tariff plans that suit your needs.

  1. Telkom More

Telkom More SIM Card
Telkom More SIM Card, image: Telkom

This is a default plan when you first purchase the Telkom SimCard, with this plan your airtime recharges are always doubled when you spend R5 or more. You can use the airtime for calls, SMS, MMS, however, you can’t buy data but you can access the internet with the free airtime.  SMSs are charged at 50cent each, calls are charged at R1.90 per minutes with free airtime you pay 95c per minute.

  1. Sim-Sonke

Sim-Sonke Telkom
Sim-Sonke Telkom SIM Card, image: Telkom

This tariff plan stands on its own with special lowest rates. It comes with prepaid voice plan, All-day –tariff, 30c per minute to Telkom numbers, and 76c per minute to other SA Networks.

Tariff Change

New SIM CARDs come with Telkom More tariff plan, to change dial *180# or you can simply call 180 and follow the voice prompt, and you still qualify for FreeMeBundles, All-Net Voice Bundles, Normal Data Bundles, and Time Based Data Bundles.

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