The African Bank Funeral Plan, in the event of unknown circumstance


Nobody is ever prepared to lose a loved one. Loved ones deserve a dignified funeral, and African Bank will cover unexpected funeral costs. You can choose from a range of Funeral Plans offered by African Bank.

You don’t have to be an African Bank customer to have a funeral plan with them. You can register online and simply do everything online.

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There are no waiting periods in case of accidental death. There is no medical examination necessary. There is a limited waiting period of 4 months for natural death for the immediate family.

There is also a limited waiting period of 6 months for natural death for extended family members. Stillborn cover after 38 weeks of pregnancy. New-born premium wavers and newborn cover for the first 30 days from date of birth, Child premiums for full-time students up to the age of 25, and Life long child premiums for permanently disabled or mentally ill children if they are added to the policy before the age of 25.

A grace period of 60 days from the premium due date if the premium was not paid before the policy lapses and cover ceases.

You can cover yourself alone, yourself and spouse, yourself and up to 8 children, yourself, spouse and up to 8 children.

Documents needed to claim

To successfully make a claim, you much provide the following documents:

⦁ You can submit online or fill out a printed version and email or fax to African bank, information is found here:
⦁ Certified copy of the main member’s South African Identity Document
⦁ Certified copy of the beneficiary’s South African Identity Document (if not the main member)
⦁ Copy of the beneficiary’s most recent bank statement
⦁ Certified copy of the deceased’s South African Identity Document (or birth certificate for minors)
⦁ Certified copy of the deceased’s death certificate

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