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A number of people around the world are being falsely accused – it is quite frustrating having to deal with legal issues and find yourself in a hole that’s almost impossible to get out of. There are men and women falsely accused of crimes that are beyond them.  Getting an attorney is one thing, paying for one is another, and believe me, they charge crazy amounts, in some instances, it will depend on the crime you are accused of.

However, you can’t break the law and expect a free card out of jail – if you break the law intentionally, you will serve time. If you are falsely accused you deserve all the justice in the world.  Clientele Legal Cover can help you resolve your issues by getting you a qualified professional lawyer should your matter be represented court. Clientele will provide you with all the professional legal services.

They offer the cheapest legal insurance and comes with 4 (Four) different packages. The following are the legal plans offered by Clientele.

The cheapest Clientele Legal Plan starts from only R180 per month – this monthly premium gives you access to R180 000 worth of professional legal services in a period of a year.  In your lifetime, you will be able to be covered for R1 800 000 worth of legal services.

This Standard Clientele Legal Plan covers for one person and it includes cover for ordinary citizens against civil criminal and labour related matters.  The plan comes with a bail benefit in a case where you are arrested for a minor crime – you can be bailed out for an amount up to R3000. It also gives you access to personalized legal documents and contracts.

Get the standard Clientele Legal Plan and receive a 24-hour legal emergency line, this line is 100% by qualified professionals in law – as if it’s enough it also comes with a retrenchment benefit. The plan aims to protect you against inflation on legal costs, and additionally, as an option, you can add Accidental Death benefit worth of the value of R30 000 and Extended Family cover worth of the same value of legal cover per year.

Need more cover? Get a Classic Clientele Legal Cover from only R215 per month. This covers your legal matters worth R215 000 in a period of a year. The professional legal services for a lifetime are worth R2 150 000.

Don’t find yourself burdened with legal fees, when you can get a plan that can cover your immediate family (You, your spouse and children up to 21 provided that they are full-time students at recognized and registered institutions)

This plan covers civil, criminal and labour related matters. Yes, it also includes a bail benefit in a case you find yourself arrested for a minor crime that needs bail of less than R3 001, Clientele will personally go to the police station anywhere you are to bail you out.

As with a Standard Clientele Plan, it comes with a retrenchment benefit as well as access to personalized legal documents and contracts. Clientele Legal gets you a 24-hour legal emergency line of professionals in law (Lawyers and Legal Advisors) – also get protection against inflation of legal on legal costs.

Optionally, you can add an Accidental Death Benefit worth the value of R10 000 for your spouse.

Need an even more cover? That’s right, finding the legal plan that best suit your lifestyle is as easy as ABC. From as little as R245 you can get professional legal services per year worth of the value of up to R435 000 – and R4 350 000 in your lifetime.

You can cover yourself; spouse and children up to 21 provided that they are full-time students at recognized and legally registered institutions. This cover lets you cover up to 4 extended family members for Legal Cover worth of R30 000 per year in one plan.

The Extended Family Clientele Legal Plan covers for civil, criminal and labour related matters, and it includes a bail benefit in case you are arrested, where clientele will go to the police station where you’ve been held to bail you out, provided your bail doesn’t exceed R3 000.

The plan comes with a retrenchment benefit just as with all other plans, as well as an emergency helpline for all your legal advice through qualified professionals.

The Primary Plan Holder gets an accidental death benefit of up to R90 000 and optionally you can add your spouse for Accident Death Benefit up to R90 000 as well.

If you feel this plan works best for you – Get it today.

It is never easy running a business and we have to come in terms with it. It is not everyone who has entrepreneurial characteristics – and you do, that’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you. You may have just started your small business or have been around for a while; Clientele Business Legal Plan caters to small to medium businesses.

Legal matters can impact your business negatively and you may lose your business because of something that could’ve been avoided through professional legal advice and guidance with Clientele. You will be guided to help grow your business. It covers for labour matters, debt collection, commercial contracts, and civil matters.

Get the cover that best works for your business from only R630 per month.

Cover Claims (How to claim)

When you have decided to take any of Clientele’s legal plans, you will have a team of professionals there to help you with legal matters. Should there be any issues arising, you can do the following:

  • If you are the primary policyholder, a beneficiary, dependent, you can lodge a claim
  • You can contact clientele legal in writing through fax on 011 320 3362
  • Someone is always waiting for your emails on the other side on and get your claim processed.
  • You can make a call to 0860 004 529 and available for you 24 hours a day. You can use the number for legal claims nothing else. For general queries dial 011 320 3300
  • It is imperative that you read the terms and conditions of Clientele Legal Plans and visit the Clientele Legal Plans page for comparison and more information.

SMS the word “Assist” to 48712 and Clientele will call you back

Clientele is an authorized financial services provider and registered insurer; FSP 15268 for the Long-Term Insurance Policies (Clientèle Life Assurance Company Limited) and FSP 34655 for Short-term Insurance Policies (Clientèle General Insurance Limited) for any queries visit and or call 011 320 3000.

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