There’s a shortage of more than 24,000 teachers in South Africa.


South Africa is facing the most with the national teacher vacancy rate at 5.8% as of 28 February 2021, and this was said by the Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga.

She added that “Provincial Education Departments are currently redeploying educators that are additional to the allocated post establishments at some schools to schools that have vacancies,” and it is also important to note that “Once this process has been finalized and the residual vacant posts have been filled through the appointment of educators from outside the system the actual number of vacancies will be lower than the current rate.”

In Eastern Cape, there are 50 705 post allocated for 2021, and 3718 are Vacant Posts bringing the provincial rate to 5.4%.

The Province with the lowest rate Gauteng, with 2,282 vacant posts out of 64,950 post allocated this year. Gauteng is followed by Free State with 3.9% vacancy rate out 20,490 allocated posts.


Western Cape come 3rd at 4.3% out of 29 099 allocated posted, followed by Northern Cape at 4.5% out of 9,181 allocated posts.

North West is standing at 5.4% with 1433 Vacant Post available, jsut after Gauteng Province.

Kwazulu Natal comes 7th with 87,351 allocated posts and 7,274 available posts, followed by Mpumalanga standing at 6.1% vacancy rate out of 32,543 allocated post.

The province with the highest vacancy rate is Limpopo with 9.2% making a portion of 5,375 available vacant posts. Western Cape has 29,009 allocated posts.

There is a total of 372,512 allocated across South Africa, with 24 556 vacant posts bring the vacancy rate to 5.8% nationally.

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