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Top 10 Standard (DV) SSL Hosting Companies

Standard (DV) SSL
Standard (DV) SSL, image: liquidweb.com

The SSL offers an encrypted connection between the browser/user and the server or website. This ensures the information transmitted through the internet between the user and server is secured. This means the only important aspect protected by SSL is information sent to and/or received from.

SSLs display a security padlock in your URL browser. There are different types off SSL Certificates, The Standard Certificate, Organization Validation (OV) SSL and Extended Validation (EV) SSL.

It is important to have SSL on your website as it will also improve your search engine ranking, be it on Google, Bing or YahooGoogle wants all websites to have SSL, and so the internet can be secured and or the information transmitted through the internet can be secured.

With SSL main features are:

  • Data Encryption
  • Protects user privacy
  • Padlock icon – (with HTTPS)
  • Legitimizes your organization or domain
  • Increases Search Engine Rank
  • Secure online transactions

I can’t stress it enough – I know sometimes SSLs can be very steep financially but there are affordable SSLs, Even if you can’t afford it now, make the means of growing your presence online and buy one from any hosting company.

It also proves that the site is what it claims to be, however, there are millions of great, real and reliable sites without SSL, even so – SSL is the way to go, whether you are a blogger or running a business. SSL is suitable for all kinds of websites.

Before a Standard (DV) SSL Certificate is issued, here are the important aspects that have to be verified:

  • Ensure the business owner owns the website domain name (This proves domain ownership)

There are a number of different hosting companies around the world, including in South Africa, these companies are designed to cater to you not only the hosting solutions but also the internet solutions as a whole.

10 Hosting Companies offering Standard (DV) SSL Certificate

1. GoDaddy Standard (DV) SSL Certificate

GoDaddy is one of the biggest and reputable hosting companies in the World. They offer services from Domain Registration, Affordable Hosting Plans, SSLs, WordPress Hosting, and a whole lot more Website Solutions we have.

You can get your hands, on GoDaddy’s standard SSL Certificate – which comes with a strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption. It comes with unlimited servers and reissues, a secure padlock in your browser, a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee, Free Malware Checker, Free SSL Checker and removes “Not Secure” warning from Chrome – you will also get a 24/7 customer support.

Your brand will be trusted giving users the confidence to do business with you. GoDaddy has empowered over 19 Million entrepreneurs over the years in 50 countries.

GoDaddy doesn’t need a CA, they are your literal Certificate Authority (CA) – and they deliver their services through a robust PKI infrastructure.

Boost your ranking on Google – You may call GoDaddy on 087 550 2180 – or Visit their website for more information on GoDaddy SSL Certificate.

The price for the GoDaddy Standard (DV – Domain Validation) SSL Certificate is R1 119, 99/yr.

There may be discounts on the first purchase; however, the renewal price will remain the same.

2. Domains.co.za Standard (DV) SSL Certificate

Domains.co.za offers SSL Certificates from different digital certificate providers. SSL is standard website security and needs to be taken very seriously. You don’t want to put the user’s sensitive information such as credit card numbers and passwords at risk.

With a Standard (Doman Validation) SSL Certificate form Domains.co.za, you choose a digital certificate provider and use either, Comodo SSL, Thawte SSL, and Rapid SSL.

  • Comodo Positive SSL

This is a perfect SSL for small to medium businesses, and it’s easy to get and issued in minutes. The application is conducted online and there’s no paperwork or documents needed. The Standard Domain Validation Certificate is typically issued within 5 minutes of the purchase.

It supports almost all major browsers, comes with strongest SHA2 and ECC encryption, Site Seal and support.

The information is encrypted at 256 bit.

Visit www.domains.co.za for more information

The Comodo Positive SSL is paid and renewed yearly for only R199. 00

  • Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL

A Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL will protect your Primary Domain as well as all Subdomains associated with it. The Certificate is issued immediately.

It supports almost all major browsers, comes with strongest SHA2 and ECC encryption, Site Seal and support.

The information is encrypted at 256 bit.

The Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL is paid and renewed yearly for only R1500. 00

  • Thawte SSL 123

Thawte believes in the equalitarian ethos of the internet and thrives to ensure the trust is instilled within the environment.  You will get a Thawte® Trusted Site Seal to upload on your website.

It supports almost all major browsers, comes with strongest SHA2 and ECC encryption, Site Seal and support.

It comes with up to 256 Bit Encryption.

The Thawte ® SSL is paid and renewed yearly for only R575.00

  • Rapid SSL

Ideal for bloggers and small to medium business websites, Rapid SSL is issued almost immediately.

It comes with up to 256 Bit Encryption.

The Rapid SSL is paid and renewed yearly for only R259.00

3. 1-Grid Standard (DV) SSL Certificate

Get the Standard SSL Certificate from the 1-grid hosting plan, you can protect your Customer’s information or data with a 128 to 256-bit encryption ensuring the transactions are secured. You just might be Search Engine’s favorite if your legitimate website has SSL installed.

You can safely accept online payments, remove Google warnings and migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS (The “S” in HTPPS stands for “Secure”).

1-Grid offers a certificate from one of the largest CA (Certificate Authority) in the world, COMODO. Comodo has been issuing SSL Certificates for newly created businesses to enterprise.  It doesn’t matter how small and big your business website is, Comodo has the security solution for your website.

You can sign up for an SSL, provide the necessary information, you can choose Thawte CA or Comodo. Once the info is verified, you get your Standard SSL within minutes.

The SSL will be processed and ready to be used and it is compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices.

The 1-Grid SSL is paid and renewed yearly for only R219.00

Visit www.1-grid.co.za for more information

1-Grid Wildcard SSL cost as little as R5019/yr. issued by Thawte or R1419/month.

4. SmartWeb Standard (DV) SSL Certificate

The Standard SSL Certificate from SmartWeb is affordable and can be issued within minutes. SmartWeb wants to ensure you pay the lowest price for Standard SSL Certificate from the trusted Certificate Authorities (CA) – which are companies that provide digital certificates for websites.

Most of the benefits include increased conversions – and not only that, but your search ranking will also shift to the top.

SmartWeb offers the Strong encryption of up to 256-bit, offers unlimited server licenses, can be installed and used on as many servers as you need.  Reissuing is unlimited; you get a free site seal and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • SmartWeb offers Positive SSL from COMODO, for only R190 per year if you take a 2-year package, or pay a merely R195 per year, comes with a $10 000 warranty, and is issued in minutes.
  • SmartWeb offers a Standard RapidSSL for only R225/yr. when you take a 2-year package or pay R250 per year, it comes with a $10 000-warranty and is issued in minutes.
  • SmartWeb offers a standard Thawte SSL for only R549/yr. when you take a 2-year package or pay R599 per year.

It is often best to choose an SSL that best suits your business, for bloggers and small to medium business owners, or people who just started off, a Standard SSL is a must-have. Don’t hesitate when it comes to protecting you, potential customers.

Visit www.smartweb.co.za for more information

You can also get a Standard Wildcard SSL Certificates for your website and have it issued in minutes from a trusted brand.

SmartWeb Wildcard SSL Certificate (DV SSL)

You can protect your multiple subdomains for affordable prices.  (Up to 256-bit encryption)

  • Comodo EssentialSSL wildcard – R1599/yr. when you take up a 2 years package or pay only R1699/yr.
  • RapidSSL wildcard – R1795/yr. when you take up a 2 years package or pay only R1995/yr.
  • Thawte SSL123 wildcard – R3799/yr. when you take up a 2 years package or pay only R3999/yr.

5. HostKing Standard (DV) SSL Certificate

Get a Standard or Domain Validated SSL Certificate from HostKing, HostKing is a website hosting company that caters not only Website Hosting and SSL security solutions, but also, WordPress Solutions, Reseller’s packages, ASP.NET hosting, VPS servers, Website Backup, etc.

HostKing provides you with SSL Certificates from trusted and reputable brands such as RapidSSL, GeoTrust and Symantec.

  • You can secure your users’ sensitive data with one of the most affordable DV SSL Certificate from RapidSSL, with up to 256-bit data encryption and site authentication. Get a Standard RapidSSL from hosting from only R238.99/yr.
  • You can get a GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium from HostKing from only R1057.37/yr.

Visit www.hostking.co.za for more information

HostKing DV (Domain Validation) | Standard SSL Wildcard

  • HostKing’s RapidSSL Wildcard cost R1991.60/yr.
  • HostKing’s GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard cost only R3536.00/yr. (The choice is yours)

6. EliteHost Standard (DV) SSL Certificate

EliteHost offers DV SSL certificates from trusted brands like RapidSSL, QuickSSL – it is imperative to compare prices, and so you can save money. However, Standard RapidSSL is the cheapest SSL in the market.

  • You can secure your website for only R240 per year from EliteHost, the Certificate will be issued in minutes, and it supports most browsers. You can add a trust mark on your website to boost potential customers’ confidence. This SSL Certificate is issued by RapidSSL, a reputable CA (Certificate Authority) that issues digital certificates.
  • You can protect your whole site including the entire subdomains associated with your primary domain with a RapidSSL Wildcard for just R2650/yr. With 128/256-bit encryption, you can It issued in minutes.
  • You can also order a QuickSSL Basic, which is issued within minutes and recommended, for a website with low volumes of transactions.
  • Get a QuickSSL Premium from EliteHost for R1250/yr. This will be issued in minutes and have an encryption of 256-bit.

For more information visit www.elitehost.co.za

7. HostAfrica Standard (DV) SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and no, it doesn’t sound as complex – it creates an encrypted connection between users and your server, and thus protecting the important and sensitive information or Data of your users.

You can boost search engine ranking and customer trust. You can start making more revenue, because of SSL, especially for your business. However, a standard DV SSL Certificate is recommended for bloggers and websites that do not process payments directly from your website.

HostAfrica gives you the freedom to choose the type of Security SSL you want.

  • You can get a 2048-bit digital Signature, with Static site Seal and 128/256-bit encryption for as little as R249/yr. from HostAfrica, and this digital certificate is issued by RapidSSL.
  • You can get a GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium for R1099/yr. and will be issued in minutes
  • To protect all your subdomains associated with your Primary Domain, you can purchase a Wildcard RapidSSL Certificate for only R1999/yr. and this will be issued in minutes.

For more information visit www.hostafrica.co.za

8. AfriHost Standard (DV) SSL Certificate

AfriHost is one of the trusted and reputable web hosting companies in South Africa. Thousands of not millions are hosting and get internet solutions from AfriHost. You can get one of the most competitive prices for your Standard SSL and protect your users.

AfriHost has been around for years and has been winning hosting awards along the way. Visit the website and learn more about their DV SSL Certificates at affordable prices.

9. HostGator Standard (DV) SSL Certificate

HostGator must be one of the most well-marketed hosting companies. I always find myself browsing through their website whenever I search for Website Solutions. HostGator is taking a step forward by offering free SSL when you host with them.

You can Sign up for any hosting packages from HostGator to get free SSL, I would recommend purchasing a WordPress Hosting for bloggers, even business owners.

For more information visit www.hostgator.com

10. BlueHost Standard (DV) SSL Certificate

BlueHost offers free SSLs when you sign up for their hosting package, especially when you want to run an eCommerce website and or a blog using WordPress.

Free SSLs are Standard SSL Certificate.


I have said this many times, there are millions of website the world without SSL, and especially bloggers who only started off. The SSLs can be very expensive, and sometimes we are forced to purchase an SSL from the same company you are hosting your website with. GoDaddy WordPress Hosting doesn’t allow external SSL installed in their servers. You are forced to purchase it from them unless you have a different hosting plan with cPanel, you can do it all yourself.

Get SSL for your website, it’s the right thing to do. If you can’t afford it now, invest in it and you won’t regret one bit.

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