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TymeBank EveryDay Account

TymeBank EveryDay Account
TymeBank Everyday Account, image: Boxer on Twitter,

Earn more; Payless – that’s what the Everyday Account with TymeBank is capable of. TymeBank wants to invest all the time in you because the numbers are not important, but you are. Are you ready to join a bank that cares for you – well, with so many banking systems in South Africa, it isn’t a bad idea to try something new, fresh and with a massive growth of clients, they can’t all be wrong.

You can open an account online anytime, and you can collect your debit card at a TymeBank Kiosk in selected Pick ‘n Pay and Boxer stores.

The TymeBank account has no monthly fees, but you are charged as you used the account at low rates. Opening an account takes 5 minutes; you can get your own personalized Visa Debit Card at a TymeBank Kiosk at no extra cost.

You can open up to 10 GoalSave accounts and do banking the way you wish without any restrictions, fees or penalties. If you chose to leave your positive balance for over 90 days, you can get up to 10% interest.

You get rewarded, you earn points for shopping and swiping, double the points when you swipe at any Pick ‘n Pay.

You don’t need any documents to open the account, all it takes is a few clicks and 2 minutes verification process and your account is ready.

Make withdrawals at Pick ‘n Pay or any Boxer tills for free, you can make deposits as well, for only R4. You’ll be charged R8 for any ATM withdrawals per R1000 in South Africa – you can do so, with your free personalized Visa debit card collected.

Here are Free Transactions that you don’t need to worry about

Banking with TymeBankFees
Monthly fees
Monthly administration feeFree
Smart App (App) subscription feeFree
Internet Banking (IB) subscription feeFree
SMS NotificationFree
Debit Card
Initial Debit CardFree
Banking Documents
Account statement (IB & App)Free
Beneficiary payment notification (IB & App)Free
Proof of account (IB & App)Free
Balance inquiries
Internet BankingFree
Smart AppFree
Cash Withdrawals
Tymecode till point @ PnP & BoxerFree
Debit card till point @ PnP & BoxerFree
Debit card purchasesFree
Online purchasesFree
Prepaid electricity (IB & App)Free
Prepaid airtime, data & SMS bundles (Internet Banking & App)Free

Here’s what you are charged for:

Cash Withdrawals
Debit card till point @ other retailersR2
Payment to other bank accountsR2
Debit order (internal)
Debit order (external – where your account is debited to pay a 3rd party)
Cash Deposits
Tymecode till point @ PnP & BoxerR4
Debit card till point @ PnP & BoxerR4
Send money (account to Tymecode)R4
Balance enquiries
Debit card other bank ATMR2
Cash Withdrawals
Debit card other bank ATM (R8 per R1000) or part thereofR8
Decline and disputes fees
Debit order dispute: within 40 days#Free
Decline fee* (due to insufficient funds or incorrect PIN)R2
Late payment reversal to TymebankR8
Debit order dispute: Older than 40 daysR40
Late payment reversal to other banksR40
Unsuccessful debit card disputeR40
Debit Card
A debit card replacement feeR40


Your Account limit when you start is R20 000 as TymeBank gets to know you, it will get to R50 000 and ultimately R500 000.

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