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TymeBank TymeCoach – Free Credit Score

TymeBank TymeCoach
TymeBank TymeCoach, image: Google Play Store

What’s new in South Africa? –  the new digital banking TymeBank. It’s new and has finally arrived, first in South Africa. TymeBank introduces to you TymeCoach – This is really a great way to get your finances in order, as the TymeCoach App gives you access to your credit score, and believe it or not, it’s absolutely free. Not only do you get free access to your credit score, but you also get tips and tools to really assist you in managing your money.

When you checking your credit score with TymeCoach – you may do so, anytime, anywhere, anyhow – and they will help you improve your credit score with all the tools provided by TymeCoach App.

One of the incredible features of the TymeCoach is that you’ll get notifications when your credit score changes, and thus you’ll be on “the-know” of your credit situation at all times and giving you time to take a look into it and help you improve where possible.

You may compare your credit score with others – With TymeCoach you get all your credit report absolutely free and giving you a better understanding of your credit score.

The best part of it is that it’s secured and TymeBank will never ask for your credit card info and/or any information that may result in fraudulent activities.

You can get the TymeCoach App on your phone at no cost to you, you can download the App on Google Play as well as Apple Store.

Here are the links:

For more information visit https://www.tymebank.co.za/

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