Ubank Fixed Deposit Account (uSave)

Ubank Fixed Deposit Account
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Saving Money is the best decision that anyone can ever make – it’s not easy but once you’ve started and went passed a couple of months, you’ll realize that it is actually worth it, and worth all the wait. I remember I had a Fixed Deposit Account with Capitec, after 8 months of saving; I was able to get myself a new secondhand car.

Ubank is giving you an opportunity as well to save money with them – The Ubank Fixed Deposit Account’s minimum deposit is R1000 to invest for 3 to 60 months. This kind of investment offers a higher rate of interest and is guaranteed.

Visit the Ubank nearest branch, speak to a consultant and discuss the Fixed Deposit term that will work best for you.

Key features:

  • With Ubank you can invest from as little as R1000
  • The investment period runs from 3 to 60 months
  • Please note that when it comes to Interest rates for your Fixed Deposit Account, with Ubank, it will be based on the term you choose to invest for, and the longer you invest the more interest you’ll earn.
  • You need a Savings account and do check interest rated that are currently paying at Ubank

What is needed to open a Fixed Deposit Account with Ubank?

  • You will need a minimum of R1000 to qualify for a fixed deposit account.
  • A valid South African ID or SA passport
  • Proof of Residence that’s not older than 3 months

When can I withdraw?

Your money will be available at the end of the maturity date or investment period; however, if you need your money before the period elapses, you can visit the nearest branch for advice.

Ubank Limited is an authorized financial services provider and credit provider in terms of FAIS and NCA (National Credit Act). NCA is created “to promote and advance the social and economic welfare of South Africans, promote a fair, transparent, competitive, sustainable, responsible, efficient, effective and accessible credit market and industry, and to protect consumers” –

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