Visa ATM Security
Visa ATM Security, image: VISA.CO.ZA

When you travel around the world, it may be difficult to locate an ATM on your own – but locating a Visa ATM has been made easier with the Visa global ATM network. The network provides you with easy cash access in local currency.  Visa is supported by over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Visa Card and PIN tips for safety

This applies to your everyday usage of the card to avoid negligence and imprudence.

  • Your Visa card must be protected from damage (Damaged card, needs replacements, some replacements may be charged depending on your issuer)
  • Some of your cards may have bent with scratches – this is to be avoided at all costs to keep your card working.
  • It is important to know your PIN by heart. Yes, memorize it – If you must write your PIN (Personal Identification Number) on a piece of paper, never keep that with you and never make a mistake of writing your pin on your card, I’ve witnessed some of the worst practices.
  • Never choose a simple PIN or use a regular number that can be easily be associated with you like your date of birth etc.
  • When using a credit card, do not be forward in telling personal details other your ID documents may be requested.
  • Know your financial institution number by heart in case you lose your card, to have it block in a matter of a few minutes.
  • If you are not the only person with access to your cards – the purchases made with or without your knowledge – you may be responsible for their purchase or cash withdrawals, however, you may involve authorities if you believe this was done to defraud you regardless of the relationship.

Using a Visa Card in an ATM

  • This world is always up and a disaster is always waiting to happen – I may sound too pessimistic but believe me, crime is on the rise in South Africa due to unemployment and poor planning of our lives, be extra careful and check your surroundings when using an ATM. Be cautious and Observant – should you find an ATM in what seems like a ‘deserted place’ or hidden, ensure you find another ATM to use.
  • Have your card handy and ready to utilize on the ATM to avoid going through your wallet, purse, bag or whatever you have with you. Going through your wallet or bag, purse looking for an ATM makes you unobservant.
  • Ensure the person behind you isn’t peeking on your PIN (Once you suspect that someone may have had a glimpse at your ATM PIN, change it)
  • After using the ATM, put the cash in the bag and move away – avoid counting the cash in front of the ATM – I am pretty sure it’s all in there.
  • Put your receipt away, people have a tendency of getting rid of receipt right in front of the ATM – I have picked up a receipt before showing a lot of substantial amounts left in the account, which can be very risky when someone is behind you.
  • Don’t show off your withdrawal amount
  • Instantly cancel your transaction when you suspect anything and ensure your transaction was canceled by reconfirming with your bank or credit union.
  • Should an ATM require entering through a door, ensure you are alone and don’t let a stranger in. When using a Drive-through ATM, lock the door and roll up all other windows. But I must say, I’ve never seen one in South Africa, an ATM drive-through? I know of a KFC drive-through.
  • When using an ATM, no matter how in a hurry you are, do not leave your engine running, and ensure you protect your valuable items
  • Your receipt can be used as a reference to your banking records – and so please don’t leave it behind.

Contact your Visa card issuer instantly when you’ve just lost your Visa card.

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