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Visa Infinite Card

Visa Infinite Card
Visa Infinite Card, image: VISA.CO.ZA

The Visa Infinite card holds no boundaries – gives you tailor-made exclusive deals and a lifestyle without any barriers, like the rules in your own dome.  The product was designed to offer an enhanced lifestyle with all the elite pleasures of life.


The Visa Infinite Card offers a range of benefits and offers tailored made for your lifestyle. You can travel the world in style without the worry cash out withdrawals with tons and tons of ATMs available at your disposal. The package comes with travel Insurance – and your account may be eligible for an extended warranty.

The package includes your safety and protection for online purchases – furthermore, you get airport lounge access as well as a concierge benefit.

Global Emergency Assistance

Should your card get stolen or lost – ensure that you report the matter immediately to your bank, or have Visa block your account, send a replacement card – to top it up, the Global Emergency Assistance will also provide you with emergency cash [Learn More]

Global ATM Network

Finding a Visa ATM should be a problem no matter where you are. Visa wants you to be wherever you want to be with your Gold Card that’s accepted at over 1.9 million ATM locations globally in over 200 countries. Find a Visa ATM today and begin your withdrawal.

Airport Lounge Access

Eligible accounts include Visa Infinite and Visa Signature to receive airport lounge access – done through the LoungeKey. You don’t have to register when visiting the lounge, as you simply have to produce your Visa Infinite/Signature card to the lounge – in so doing, your visit will be processed in minutes.

To know which lounges are in partnership with Visa, visit the LoungeKey Infinite page or the LoungeKey Signature page depending on your product. You can choose from over 1000 lounges globally.

Bringing someone along with cost an additional USD$27 per guest per visit, and charged directly from your card by LoungeKey. This can also be done on the mobile app. Geeing complimentary access to over 900 airport lounges globally for you and for your guest has never been this simple.

Lounges may choose to participate in the program and/or choose to leave the program at any time. Should your Visa be declined for a visit charge, LoungeKey may cancel your membership with them. These offers may be modified without notice by Visa international.

Travel Insurance

You don’t have to register or purchase travel insurance, just purchase traveling tickets or make a booking with the Visa Infinite or Visa Signature and you will be instantly covered.

Your certificate of Insurance can be used for visa application purposes. (Found on the Card Holder Benefits Online Website), If this is all complicated, to be assisted further, you can dial the international Direct line on +971 4 361 1234. You can contact your issuer for all the benefits, terms and conditions as well as an outlined coverage level for your account.

In regard to the multi-trip travel insurance, Visa Travel Insurance covers all trips for up to 90 days and includes the cardholder as well the family members in the policy.

Extended Warranty

Your card may be eligible for an extended warranty benefit. The Extended Warranty Benefit automatically doubles the original manufacturer’s warranty. This only applies to items purchased using the eligible Visa Card.

Purchase Protection

With Purchase Protection Benefit, you protect the goods purchased using the eligible Visa card against theft, loss, and damage. [Learn more]


Take care of what’s most important to you while Visa’s concierge benefit offers you services such as flight reservations. Don’t sit in front of the computer stressing about making hotel reservations, this benefit will ensure someone helps you with important reservations such as restaurant and car rental reservations.

If you having difficulties purchasing an event ticket – that won’t be a problem with this benefit. They can help with your planning and more. For Sub-Saharan Africa, the infinite concierge hotline number is (International Direct Dialing): 00442071368631, or send an email to concierge@visainfinite-ssa.com. A room full of possibilities awaits.

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