Visa Card - Always Protected,
Visa Debit Card, Image: Twitter: Bloomberg

Visa uses extreme measures to ensure the Visa card consumers are firmly protected through their secure network, VisaNet – this ensures you are always protected when you purchase items online. All transactions processed by Visa are always protected.

It is the consumers’ responsibility to report any suspicious activities to their financial institution. To know of your Visa card limitations, restricting and all other important details you may need to know, please ensure you speak to your card issuer.

Please report or dispute any transactions within the bank’s dispute deadlines. Visa uses the largest retail electronic system, powered by VisaNet (global secure network) offering multiple layers of protection to verify your identity and transaction within 1.5 seconds.

Other Visa Security Features

Other protection and or security features include the following:

Please learn more about earn security features.  Each feature is essential to the protection of your online shopping. Visa’s Secure Network (VisaNet) ensures your data is protected with multiple layers of security measures to maintain the highest level of trust in their payment system.

VisaNet has a detection system to scan thousands of transactions, the scan looks for subtle changes in spending patterns, should fraud be detected, perhaps a mismatched address, and unusual huge payments – making a transaction far away from your registered address, Visa will be able to respond immediately.

VisaNet is PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) as well as information encryption between VisaNet and Financial Institution.  Visa can also stop a large scale ATM cashout, to help minimize ATM fraud. Visa has millions of cards issued to consumers and thus the level of trust is highly maintained.

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