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Vodacom 4G – Connect to a faster internet

Vodacom 4G LTE
4G LTE – image: digitalplatforms.co.za

Vodacom introduces a 4G and can be connected for the following uses: Calls and Internet Use. 4G is meant to be fast, and yes, now with Vodacom you can easily connect to the 4G network and begin to browse uninterrupted internet connectivity on your handset at a maximum download speed of 60 Mbps and the average speed is 25Mbps at no additional charges.

Ensure that you have a 64K SIM CARD or higher to be able to connect to the 4G if there’s coverage in your area. And it’s also important to note that not all smart devices are capable to connect to a 4G network.  When you are within range of the 4G coverage, your device will automatically connect to LTE.

You can be able to make calls using the VoLTE, this stands for Voice over LTE. This enables you to enjoy high-quality voice calls from Vodacom when you are connected to their 4G.

And believe me, calls are charged normally at your voice call rates, as well as browsing the internet is charged normally at no extra cost but at a very fast speed and improved connectivity. Ensure that you have 64K or 128K SIM to get the best VoLTE experience, as well as ensure that your device is capable.

Here are devices capable of VoLTE:

A list of CellPhone Devices

•  Samsung Galaxy Note 8
•  Samsung Galaxy S9
•  Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge
•  Samsung Galaxy S8
•  Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge
•  Samsung Galaxy S6
•  Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
•  Samsung Galaxy S7
•  Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
•  Samsung Galaxy A3
•  Samsung Galaxy A5
•  Samsung Galaxy Note 5
•  iPhone SE
•  iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
•  iPhone 6s & 6s Plus
•  iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
•  iPhone 8 & 8 Plus
•  iPhone X
•  LG G5
•  LG G6
•  LG Stylus 3
•  Huawei P9
•  Huawei P10
•  Huawei P10 Plus
•  Huawei Mate 10 Pro
•  Huawei P20
•  Huawei P20 Pro

It is important to check for 4G coverage in your area. With the 4G coverage, you are all set and ready to browse the fastest internet you’ve ever had on your handset.

How to activate 4G

LTE Activation Steps

  • To activate 4G on your Vodacom handset, you will need to manually set the network mode on your phone to automatic.
  • The last step is to set the APN to lte.vodacom.za
  • Ensure you have a 64K or 128K SIM Card and a 4g-capable device

Once your settings are being amended, the 4G will automatically be activated within 24 hours on weekdays of being on the Vodacom’s network.

Once connected, you will see a 4G or LTE icon on your device, if you cannot see it after 24 hours on weekdays, check your settings again.

Remember, you will be billed as per your data plan, enabling a network mode (4G) makes your device faster and does not affect your billing.

4G is a way to go, don’t hesitate, use it to your advantage, it’s free – Get:

Pros of using 4G

  • Excellent latency
  • Fast Upload Speed.
  • Fast Download Speed
  • Increased level of user experience on webpages.

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