Isn’t it frustrating every time when you recharge, your airtime gets chowed or used to browse the internet, and or get used up by your background apps?

Many South Africans still complain about their airtime getting used up before purchasing the data bundles. Sometimes you may find that after purchasing R5 airtime, soon as you check your balance, some of it has been used.

Many opt for disabling your data before recharging; it is a good idea but not enough to completely disable your airtime being used as data. Vodacom has a way in which you can easily and completely disable your airtime from being used as Data even when you have your mobile data enabled.

Completely disable your Airtime from being used as data even when your data is on.

This is known as out of data bundle Settings, and to manage your settings you have to use the USSD string as there isn’t any other way to do it.

  • You have the option to opt-in or out of Out-of-Bundle Data Limit Lock
  • From your cellphone using Vodacom, dial *135# to get started
  • Please note that Vodacom add more options to the string every now and then, ensure that you select “Services” to access the service
  • If you cannot find Services, please select “NEXT” for more options
  • Select “Out-of-Bundle Limit Lock” to access Out-of-Bundle Limit Lock
  • Select “Data Limit Lock” to access OOB Data Limit Lock
  • Select “Data Limit Lock” to access OOB Data Limit Lock

FINALLY: PLEASE REMEMBER TO SET YOUR LIMIT TO R0.00 if you do not want your airtime used as data.


  • Dial *135#
  • Select the “Next” option
  • Select “Services”
  • Select “Out-of-Bundle Limit Lock”
  • Select “Data Limit Lock”
  • Select “Opt-in/Opt-Out of Data Limit Lock”
  • Set your limit to R0.00
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