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Vodacom Business Broadband Connect Wireless LTE

Vodacom Business Broadband Connect Wireless LTE
Wireless LTE icon, image: Telkom

Technology has made things easier for us with wireless connectivity. Now you can connect to the internet without a single cord attached to your device.  You can have this for your business from Vodacom. With the Broadband Connect, you can get a reliable connection as well as fast internet browsing.

You also have an option to add VOIP service to your product bundle. This you can easily install yourself.

Small and Medium businesses should consider using this Business Internet LTE if they need a speed that’s way better than 3G. With such a speed, you can run your business at ease without delays in connection.

The Vodacom LTE’s average speed’s 20Mbps to download and have multiple devices connected together at the same time. Your business workplace will be more professional and you will have progress in your business without unnecessary delays from the internet connection or timed out downloads.

Connect up to 4 people for your small office. Business Internet LTE comes with price plans to choose from. You can get more data by simply subscribing to the price plan, however, this competition for LTE MORE ends 30 September 2019.

Price plan – MORE data promotionData allocationData validity24-month contract promotion Incl. VAT
LTE 20GB40GBAnytimeR399.00
LTE 50GB75GBAnytimeR599.00
LTE 100GB150GBAnytimeR899.00
LTE 150GB225GBAnytime  R1119.00
LTE 200GB300GBAnytime     R1699.00

This promotion above is only available to 24-month contracts with 20GB, 50GB, 100GB, 150GB, and 200GB data bundles.

This is a plug and play device, or plug and connects if you may. Switch it on and you’re ready to go. You do not need to wait; this is one of the most effective ways to elevate your business to greater heights.

With the Business Internet LTE, You can add Business Internet LTE Voice – you also get Huawei B315 or HG 695 router.

Vodacom’s Voice over IP (VoIP) service allows you to make calls through the Business Internet LTE connection at ease without disrupting the internet usage and connection – and this is optional.

R8.20 once-off activation fee is applicable for each IP-Talk and VAT is excluded, this will provide:

  • Two voice connections (two of 087 Numbers)
  • IP-Talk doesn’t use the internet data cap
  • 20% monthly cost savings – and free on-net Vodacom IP-Talk to Vodacom IP-Talk.

Business Internet LTE’s CPE options

  • Huawei B315 (build-in SIM)
  • Huawei HG659 (No build-in SIM functionality) – requires Huawei K5160 dongle to work.

How to get Business Internet LTE

Once you have made sure that your area has LTE coverage, you can call 082 1960 free from your Vodacom handset and get connected.

Business Internet LTE Data Bundle Plans

When taking up a 24 months contract, activation is free of charge. Please note that more data promotion applies in the selected 24-month contract which ends on 30 September 2019.

Price plan

12 Months Activation Once-off 
(incl. VAT)

12 Months contract
(incl. VAT)

Data Allocation for the 
24 Month Contract
Total Data Allocation for the 
24 Month Contract

24 Months contract
(incl. VAT) 

LTE 5GB capped R 399.00R 319.005GB5GBR 239.00
LTE 10GB cappedR 399.00R 379.0010GB10GBR 299.00
LTE 20GB cappedR 399.00R 519.0020GB + 20GB40GBR 399.00
LTE 50GB cappedR 399.00R 729.0050GB + 25GB75GBR 599.00
LTE 100GB cappedR 399.00R 1 158.00100GB + 50GB150GBR 899.00
LTE 150GB cappedR 399.00R 1 529.00150GB + 75GB225GBR 1 199.00
LTE 200GB cappedR 399.00R 2 029.00200GB + 100GB300GBR 1 699.00

Here are top-up options when you have run out of you monthly allocated data, these include VAT:


1GBR 70.61
5GBR 100.88
20GBR 363.16
 50GBR 857.46
 100GBR 1 513.16
 150GBR 2 218.29
 200GBR 2 924.43

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