Vodacom Business Insurance for Cellphone, Laptop and Tablet
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If you own a business and would like to insure some of your valuable Vodacom devices, you can simply do so with Vodacom Device Insurance. As much as we take care of our devices, sometimes we might accidentally damage them, or lose them, in some cases they can be stolen – however, if you insured your devices you’ll stay connected and still run a productive business.

Types of Vodacom Business Device Insurance Cover

There are many types of Insurance, and in most cases, it’s best to choose one that works best for you. You can do your business in peace knowing that you have a comprehensive device cover should your cellphone, laptop or tablet get lost, stolen or damaged. If you accidentally drop your device in any kind of liquid, it could be water – Vodacom got you covered when you are insured.

In case you lose your phone, it will be replaced within 24 hours prior to submitting your claim.  All premiums are affordable, whether you’d like to protect your tablet, cellphone, laptop or all of them which is a good option when you are an entrepreneur.

You can get a cover of up to R30 000.

Here are the Vodacom Business Device Insurance Cover types:

Comprehensive Cellphone Insurance

From R29.25/month

A comprehensive Cellphone Insurance will protect your phone for theft, device loss, and damage and device replacement.

Comprehensive Laptop and Tablet Insurance

From R63/month

The Comprehensive Laptop and Tablet Insurance will protect your aforementioned devices for device loss, theft and damage as well as device replacement.

Accidental Damage

From R10/month

Vodacom will protect all your insured devices against Accidental Damage, Device repair and if your device is beyond repair, it will be replaced.

How to apply for a Business Vodacom Device Insurance

Canceling/Changing a Business Vodacom Device Insurance Policy

To make amends or cancel your Business Vodacom Device Insurance Policy, you can:


  1. You can dial the Vodacom Insurance Customer care on 082 1940 for free on your Vodacom handset.
  2. For a stolen device call 082 1940 to block your SIM card and blacklist your device. Ensure that you get an ITC reference number from Vodacom’s agent during the call.
  3. You will need to report stolen or lost device to South African Police – and use the ITC reference number obtained from Vodacom.
  4. Download the form and fill it up, make sure you don’t leave anything out – here’s the link for the pdf phone – https://www.vodacombusiness.co.za/cs/groups/public/documents/document/insurance-claims-form.pdf
  5. Email the form to deviceinsurance@vodacom.co.za
  6. Visit vodacombusiness.co.za for terms and conditions.

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