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Vodacom Free 5GB Data is a technical error

A lot of customers this morning have been rejoicing when they were allocated free 5GB + a free night surfer data. Some customers went to the extent of getting free 5GB more than once. The supposedly ‘Free 5GB’ isn’t free at all – as many customers tried and they were faced with a devious error, and later through the struggle,  the error was replaced by an ‘Insufficient funds’ notification.

Vodacom free 5GB caused such a stir this morning and angered a lot of customers. This is ruled as ‘a technical error’ by iBusiness, as Vodacom has responded. [Updated @ 5:26pm]

“Due to a minor glitch during the course of last night, some customers were able to access our Night Owl promotion without any charge. While this has since been remedied, we hope that the lucky customers enjoyed being connected for free,” commented Vodacom.

Many Vodacom users used the *135*419# USSD string and were awarded and provisioned their data 5GB data bundle for 30 days. If this was a free offer, it would have been a fantastic deal and would have been the only network in South Africa to have provided so much data during the lockdown in South Africa.

Many customers assumed the ‘free data’ from Vodacom was due to the lockdown as South Africa and the world is barely surviving the pandemic. Vodacom this morning has been experiencing a high volume usage of the network hence the technical glitch.

Will Vodacom offer the free 5GB data to those who didn’t get it?

According to iBusiness, NO! As this was a technical error and everyone who was able to purchase the free data got lucky.

However, we have no idea what Vodacom has to say about the erroneous purchases made and the false hope of free data for those who didn’t get it.



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Ngwenyasbanisethu 19 June 2020 at 2:12 am

It true that u collect your 350 if u dnt have your ID book or smart card? I got birth certificate only but my request has been approved nd payed out
But i dnt how to collect it now


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