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Vodacom is down again (Network and Internet Connectivity Issues)


The largest South African mobile network, Vodacom, is having network issues again, the last report was about 2 weeks ago when many users complained about the network. Consumers have taken the matter to social media to complain about Vodacom’s poor network connectivity.

Usually Downdetector, which is a very popular site where people can complain about any network service provider, and/or rather any online service that may be down showed a spike in network problems.

This may be a national issue, as the image below shows the spike just around 3pm.

This image is reported problems from the Downdetector Website

Vodacom has responded by saying it is “aware of an issue impacting connectivity to some of its customers. Our technicians are working hard to resolve the issue. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.”

There have been a lot of complaints of a similar nature in the past weeks, and iBusiness asks if Vodacom is upgrading their systems without letting users know, or perhaps this is just mere technical issues faced by the provider.

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  1. Vodacom will never reward anyone with a car,I’ve been shaking,mega shaking everyday an wasting my money on airtime
    But still receiving the same puzzle,stingy with data……aii nna I’m so done ka vodacom mense?


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