The Vodacom rewards programme ‘Talking Points‘ started 13 years ago, and unfortunately, it comes to an end on 31 May 2020. The talking points allowed you t earn a point for every R10 you spend on Vodacom.

The talking points were redeemable and you could redeem great prizes such as cellphones, tablets, data and SMS bundles.

“After a successful run of 13 years, Talking Points will be coming to an end on the 31st of May 2020. Please dial *135# to redeem your Talking Points before the closing date to avoid losing them.” writes Vodacom.

How to redeem Talking Points by 31 May 2020

There are four ways that you can redeem the talking points:

  • You can use the Vodacom Self Service Portal or the Vodacom App
  • Or, you can dial *135*7# on your Vodacom handset and select “Talking Points”
  • You can Call 082 135 for free on your Vodacom phone
  • You can SMS the keyword “TP” to 31050

Important Information

  • Talking Points have to be redeemed within 18 months, after such a period, they will be forfeited.
  • To redeem for a device, you will need to visit a Vodacom Store.
  • Moving to a Contract or Top-Up plan will result in your talking point forfeited.
  • Changing tariff plans doesn’t affect your talking points.

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  1. Evening.

    Since vodacom points will end 31st May 2020 and we are under COVID-19 Lockdown, how are we going to redeem our points.

    I have 3500 points and wana get a phone in that range, please help.



  2. Hi there can i use my mega points to buy a cell phone or must it be my talking points. I’m confused please help.

  3. Hi Zack
    I have more than 1600 points I need to redeem for a phone and willing to pay extra cash, now the problem is I’m working and I cant go to vodacom shop, will only be off on the 3rd of June 2020.

    So my question is did you guys consider giving us grace period as we all know we are on lockdown?

    1. Good Dumi, please contact vodacom however, the talking points promotions should be suspended by now. If you cannot find any help, please get back to me, I’ll find out for you

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