We Worry About a Credit Score than Making Money


South Africans and the rest of the world seem to be more obsessed over have a good Credit Score than making money and getting involved in the entrepreneurial voyage.  Yes, having a great credit score is good, but what is it good for?

Credit Score South Africa
Credit Score South Africa. image: Facebook

Credit Score is a system used by the credit bureau to determine your financial health, and how likely are you to pay off a debt.  Consider making your own money than making money for someone else. How long after you realize how much you could achieve if you started now.

Yes, not everyone has entrepreneurial characteristics when starting a business. Here’s a quick fact: You do not necessarily have to run a business to make money – you can consider a number of ways to be independent and not owe any company a single cent.

Your life shouldn’t be tied to a 3-digit number, but you can use it to your advantage to start a business. Yes, use your credit score to work in your favor. Taking up a loan to build a house is a good move, but starting a business is a risky great move.  Think future, Think Possibilities, Think a less stressful life – and take that risk with any business that you find interesting and forms a part of your passion.


When you do make a loan, make sure you pay it off on or before time, this is the best practice to increase your credit score – soon as you find a well-paying job, with a great credit score – take a risk and invest in a new business (Take note of iBusiness Disclaimer in the footer)

Would you rather purchase the latest Mercedes Benz with your saved money or take a chance in starting a business to afford the latest Mercedes Benz every year for a lifetime.

It is of utmost importance to maintain a great score and not be found over-indebted. Most South Africans overspent money that isn’t theirs, which is unfortunate – as it derails and or slows your progress and eventually leaves you discouraged.

Think Credit Score

Be cautious when applying for a loan or a credit card. As much as the credit bureau tries to ensure you do not find yourself in a lot of unpaid debts, it is also your responsibility to think outside the box. Don’t let your debt affect the people around you.

Make use of TymeCoach App by TymeBank to check and get a free credit report, all it takes is to download the app, sign up with them and you are good to go.

Think Money

Not everyone wants to have a lot of money, and I am not saying you should or shouldn’t.  Think of money in terms of saving it. Think Money in terms of protecting it. Invest some of your money. Yes, there are a lot of banks providing guaranteed returns.

Consider Tax Free Deposit Account or Fixed Deposit Accounts from our Banks in South Africa.

Important Information

  • For any queries, you can contact the Transunion on 0861 482 482
  • For any queries, you can contact the Transunion on 0861 105 665
  • The Credit Ombudsman is also available for any queries on 0861 662 837 as well as the National Credit Regulator (NCR) on 0860 627 627

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