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There are millions of websites hosted every day online, have you found the right deal for your website. It is very important to make a little research and find out what people are saying about a hosting company. There are a lot of reputable hosting companies in South Africa and around the world. The number one hosting and domain registry in the world is “GoDaddy”.

Some companies use “GoDaddy” as a third party company when they sell hosting solutions for their clients.

With so many domains out there, there’s still enough space to host a billion more websites. The companies hosting websites also offer domain registration which is the most effective way to have a website. You can purchase a domain and a hosting plan through the same company.

iReadDedicated Server Hosting Solutions for Websites

You can even move a domain or transfer a domain from one host to another, or you can purchase a domain at GoDaddy and host with BlueHost. The world of website solutions is exciting to learn. Once you get the hang of it, you are good to go.

You have the choice to host with windows and Linux; it depends on the needs of your website. Sometimes you just want to blog or have an eCommerce website, or perhaps just a landing page, maybe a podcast or a Specific Web App, whichever hosting type you need, you can contact the hosting company for advice if you are not sure.

How does website hosting works?

When you purchase a hosting plan with a hosting company – Your domain purchased, will be stored in a hosting company’s servers. The hosting company assigns a unique DNS for your website. The DNS will then serve as an address that people can come and visit your site online.

Your website cannot be viewed without the unique address, you buy space on hosting companies’ servers and so your website can be accessed.

Get your business website online, and start growing as you reach out to thousands or not millions of potential clients online.

You stand a great chance of growing your business when your presence online is great. There is a lot that goes on with hosting your website; there are a number of aspects you will need to consider such as (Security SSL Certificate, Security Plugins, backups, caching your website, etc.)

15 companies offering web hosting solutions

1. web hosting

Choosing a Hosting Package can seem complicated and it shouldn’t. You should know which package is best for your current financial budget and website needs. It will also depend if you want to Blog or run your small business. There’s plenty of room for growth and upgrades, start slowly until you get to the top.

When purchasing a hosting package from you get a free domain name, you will get a cPanel where you can manage all your files, accounts, databases, WordPress installations, etc. provides exceptional support for your hosting solutions, and every cPanel includes a 1-Click Easy Installation where you can easily install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or more in just one click.

You can also pay Certum SSL monthly from just R25. Web Hosting Packages

  1. Budget Web Hosting is the cheapest from website, with 2GB SSD Storage, 5GB bandwidth, 25 Emails, and 5 MySQL Databases for only R62 per month
  2. Value Web Hosting is the most affordable package from website, with 5GB SSD Storage, unlimited bandwidth, 100 Emails, and 10 MySQL Databases for only R115 per month
  3. Pro Web Hosting from website, with 15GB SSD Storage, unlimited bandwidth, 200 Emails, and 15 MySQL Databases for only R175 per month
  4. Expert Web Hosting from website, with 20GB SSD Storage, unlimited bandwidth, 500 Emails, and 20 MySQL Databases for only R225 per month

Free Domain Registration applies to the following extensions only, .xyz,,,, .online

For more information visit

2. GoDaddy web hosting

Purchasing a domain name is one thing, and hosting your domain name is another. GoDaddy gives you plenty of hosting solutions, from regular shared hosting to dedicated hosting – and of-cause, there is also WordPress Hosting, which focuses only on WordPress – a great option for bloggers.

If you are working on a budget as we all are, it is great to start small and grow from there. GoDaddy will never disappoint you when it comes to supporting, website solutions and advice.

GoDaddy Website Hosting comes with a 1-click install of 100’s of free applications including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, etc.

You can add additional resources at a small fee such as I/O, RAM, CPU, SSL, etc. It comes with DDoS protection. Your Linux hosting plan will come with a cPanel, CloudLinux, Cage FS (Protects your content) as well as Free Applications as mentioned above.

  1. You can get a Starter Linux Plan, for a normal price of $2,49/mo, comes with unmetered bandwidth, 30GB Storage, and you can host 1 website on this package and comes along with a 1GB MySQL Database.
  2. Economy Linux Plan is priced at a normal price of $8,99/mo comes with unmetered bandwidth, 100GB Storage, and you can host 1 website on this package and comes along with a 10 x 1GB MySQL Databases. (Comes with a Free domain with annual plan)
  3. Deluxe Linux Plan is priced at $11,99/mo, comes with unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, and you can host unlimited websites on this package and comes along with 25 x 1GB MySQL Databases.
  4. Ultimate Linux Plan is priced at $16,99/mo, comes with unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, and you can host unlimited websites on this package and comes along with unlimited x 1GB MySQL Databases. (It comes with free SSL and Premium DNS)

For more information visit GoDaddy’s website

3. Vox web hosting

You will always have two choices, it can either be Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting.  When it comes to Shared solutions, Vox has got you covered.  Vox gives you full control of your website, you can access your folders, databases, create passwords using cPanel, and you can also access your website folders via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) using FileZilla Client or other FTP solution.

Vox gives you the choice to choose from Linux and windows at affordable prices depending on the needs of your website.

You can get hosting from as low as less than R50.00 you can easily install a WordPress and start blogging or run a business website on the platform.

For more information visit the Vox Web Hosting Page

4. SmartWeb hosting

Get your hands on a SmartWeb Shared Hosting for reliable and fast website experience. SmartWeb offers Unlimited Bandwidth for all shared hosting solutions. With all 4 packages to offers, three of them come with a free SSL (Secure users transactions).

All Shared hosting packages come with unlimited email accounts, cPanel, LiteSpeed and CloudLinux, PHP Versions 5.x, 7 and 7.1.  You also get anti-spam filtering, Virus and Malware Scanning, Unlimited MySQL Databases.

Not to forget the POP3, IMAP and Webmail for all your unlimited email solutions – One of the best features is a 1-click install of over 200 free applications, you can create unlimited subdomains for your website.

It comes with Shell (SSH) access – You get 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as exceptional 24/7 support, and your website will be backed up on a weekly basis and you wouldn’t have to worry about losing all your work, restoring your work is only a click of a button (upon request).

You can choose from:

  1. SmartWeb Value Linux Package for only R49/month and host only 1 website with a 2GB SSD Storage.
  2. SmartWeb Standard Linux Package for only R99/month and host up to 5 websites with a 5GB SSD Storage and comes with a Free SSL Certificate.
  3. SmartWeb Business Linux Package for only R199/month and host unlimited websites with a 20GB SSD Storage and comes with a Free SSL Certificate and Free a domain name (A possible free domain name)
  4. SmartWeb Power Linux Package for only R299/month and host unlimited websites with a 30GB SSD Storage and comes with a Free SSL Certificate and Free a domain name (A possible free domain name)

For more information visit

5. HostAfrica web hosting

HostAfrica offers a free domain with any of the hosting packages that you might choose. When you have decided to host with them, you will get the support you need, as well as a reliable product. It’s perfect when you want to start off and or just testing waters. I know, I’ve been there, but I’ve decided to take a stand and give it all I got.

You too, can fit right in my shoes and beyond – You can have your website hosted by HostAfrica at affordable and competitive prices. Get all your email, disk space, database solutions and more in just one package.

It’s easy to use and reliable – you will get full control of your website under cPanel and FTP.

You can choose from:

  1. Web Starter for only R59 per month, you get a free domain, host 1 website, free SSL and so much more for all your website solutions.
  2. Web Basic for only R89 per month, you get a free domain, host up to 2 websites, free SSL, 1 x FTP account, 50 SQL databases, etc.
  3. Web Power for only R189 per month, you get a free domain, host up to 6 websites, free SSL, 5 x FTP account, unlimited SQL databases, etc.
  4. Web Business for only R289 per month, you get a free domain, host up to 11 websites, free SSL, 1 x FTP account, 50 SQL databases, etc.

For more information visit

6. CloudFusion web hosting

Get CloudFusion Shared Web Hosting solutions, provides unlimited bandwidth for all packages, as well as Dedicated IP Address, Malware Protection, Back-Ups, host multiple domains and or create subdomains for your website.  Also, all packages have Free SiteLock Malware / Risk Scan except for a standard hosting package.

Get SSL, your databases and Cron Jobs together with SSH Access and so much more. With CloudFusion you can create your own custom web hosting package if you want more for less.

You can purchase the following packages:

  1. Standard – For R65 a month you get 4GB space and you can host unlimited domains with unmetered bandwidth and 1 SQL database, this package does not include a free domain and SSH Access.
  2. Pro – For only R99 a month you get 10GB disk space, 10 SQL database, this package includes a free domain name, gives access to Shell (SSH/SFTP) and you can free assistance for migration.
  3. Business – For R165 a month you get 20GB Disk Space, 20 SQL Databases and more. This is a complete solution for a business startup.

For more information visit

7. MWEB web hosting

With MWEB website hosting solutions you can choose from three packages, and whatever solution you choose you can be reassured of getting a free domain name, furthermore, you get to choose between three options at affordable prices.

MWEB has been around for several years and is one of the companies you can trust when it comes to stable and reliable infrastructure.  Get a UNIX (Linux is an open-source version of the UNIX operating system) hosting plan with MWEB today.

Get hosting solution packages from MWEB (Shared Hosting)

  1. MWEB Uncapped Hosting Lite (UNIX) – For R49PM get support and free website builder as well as 5 x 50MB mailboxes
  2. MWEB Uncapped Hosting Pro (UNIX) – For R96PM get support and free website builder as well as 10 x 50MB mailboxes
  3. MWEB Uncapped Hosting Ultra (UNIX) – For R119PM get support and free website builder as well as 20 x 50MB mailboxes

Don’t worry, these packages come with a cPanel to access your website files, please visit the MWEB web hosting website for more information.

8. HostKing web hosting

The reason I love HostKing is that when they say “Lowest Price” they actually mean it. With HostKing shared web hosting, you get all kinds of solutions you need for your website’s needs.

You get cPanel to control your website; you can get a disk space enough for your website, and get unlimited bandwidth. With the lowest package, you can host one website; get a 1 click installer (Softaculous), 2500 Inodes (files limit). You can create 1 email and have it your files stored in a 1GB disk space.

You get all this for only R12 a month.

With an LVE Power of 512MB RAM and 0.25 CPU as well as EP 20. And the R12 actually includes VAT.

Get this package NOW As a startup for your blog or very small business site.

9. EliteHost web hosting

In the history of all hosting packages I’ve purchased and all the domains I’ve purchased, I purchased my first ever meaningful domain (at the time) with EliteHost called and hosted with them, and that’s how I became interested in the internet business.

EliteHost is reliable and they tell it as it is, and they can advise on the needs of your website. You can host with EliteHost from only R35.00 per month.

All shared packages come with unlimited bandwidth and storage and you can host up to 7 websites on one package (The Unlimited Pro for R140.00 per month)

Your unlimited storage and website traffic is in two locations, SA and UK. Your website hosting plan come with all that you need to successfully host a website (cPanel, Spam and Email Filtering, File Security, Backups, FTP Accounts, Multi-Hosting, Reliable infrastructure)

For more information visit EliteHost Website Hosting Page

10. AfriHost web hosting

AfriHost is most probably the number one hosting and domain registry company in South Africa – they have proven to be reliable and provide exceptional support. Hosting with them a few years back was the best decision I’ve ever made. I had a successful website called with AfriHost and I couldn’t pay for it anymore, don’t ask me why I just became lazy I guess.

Find the hosting solutions you need with AfriHost from Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, cloud hosting solutions, etc.

11. HostGator web hosting

For a fully functional website, you will need a domain name (Domain names can be registered through any domain registry company like HostGator), web hosting and the files for your website. You can get any kind of hosting package you need for your blog or business website. HostGator gives you a range of different packages to choose from.

Package plans range from shared hosting plans, dedicated plans, VPS hosting plans, WordPress Hosting Plans, etc. Starting small isn’t a bad idea; in fact, is a great decision for a business.

Every HostGator shared package comes with a Free SSL, $100 Google Adwords Offer, and $100 Bing Ads Credit, etc.

  1. You can get a Hatchling Plan starting at $2.75 per month (60% off at the time of publication – I still have to figure out HostGator Calculation in this regard)
  2. HostGator Baby Plan starts at $3.95 per month (60% off at the time of publication)
  3. HostGator Business Plan Starts at $5.95 per month (60% off at the time of publication)

Visit for more information

12. BlueHost web hosting

I believe shared hosting is great when you get started online. I have also been there, and every now and then one needs to upgrade. As with BlueHost, you can purchase a shared hosting plan that comes with a Free SSL to help you secure your site from the beginning to the end.

Already you will be minimizing the costs of getting an SSL and can be costly. Shared hosting from BlueHost is suitable for small business websites and blogs. When it comes to the benefits of shared hosting, you can only look at Affordability. If shared hosting isn’t very satisfying, you can purchase a Website Hosting plan, which is best and perfect for bloggers and business websites.

There will always be room to grow – upgrading to any other package, be it, WordPress, dedicated, VPS, cloud hosting is made.

BlueHost Shared Hosting starts from as little as $3.95 per month (when you take an annual package) or a normal price of $7.99

Visit for more information

13. SiteGround web hosting

We all have to start somewhere, and believe me when I say; growth is guaranteed when you are willing to work hard for it.  You are no stranger to many when you take the lowest hosting package a company can offer. You don’t want to face financial straits on the way and it’s best to start small.

You will get an opportunity to upgrade when you outgrow your package resources. The room for improvement and growth should always be open.

SiteGround offers the fastest performance when it comes to website speed, their servers run on SSD disks which are faster than HDDs. SiteGround offers static caching as well as a free CDN service to boost your website performance even further.

You will get a Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt) and secure your users’ transactions on your site, your site will be secured, and will not display the “Not Secure” on browsers such as Chrome.

You get easy WordPress installation and easy site management with reliable email service. You will be able to manage your domains, DNS services, domain registration, etc. easily.

Here are three web hosting solutions offered by SiteGround.

  • StartUp – This is a great start when you just been introduced to the hosting world, or your budget is restraining you, you can get this offer and pay as little as $11.95/month – however your first term might be as low as $3.95 per month. This package is suitable for a website with 10 000 monthly visits with a total webspace of 10GB
  • GrowBig – When you get 25 000 monthly visits, you can upgrade to this service and host unlimited websites with 20GB web space. This package is paid monthly at $19.95 per month, but your first term payment may be as low as $5.95 per month.
  • GoGeek – 100 000 monthly visits package and a webspace of 30GB, now you are on the roll, you are getting enough visitors to upgrade to this plan for a monthly fee of $34.95 per month, however, your first term payment may be as low as $11.95 per month
  • Visit for more information 

14. Axxess web hosting

Get a Linux shared hosting solution from Axxess; you can have your local web hosting package for great performance, whether you want to host WordPress, Joomla and or other Applications. Each package comes with unlimited bandwidth.

With this shared hosting package, you get a 6-month free web hosting and an extra 50% off for the next 6 months. These packages include a free Domain name as well as FREE SSL certificate,

For more information visit, Windows shared hosting is also offered with a minimum of 1GB Hosting Space, unlimited monthly traffic, 2 databases, and a maximum of 25 emails without subdomains.

15. Vodacom web hosting

Get website hosting solutions from your favorite network, Vodacom. You will get the full security of your website, the speed, and the space that you want. You can host ASP apps, email, site hosting, java, SSL, etc. Even though you get unlimited data transfer, you are to adhere to Usage policy.

You can dial 082 1960 to speak to a consultant or visit the Hosting Page for more information. You can host a website from less than R40 with Vodacom and still get unlimited bandwidth.

Choose a hosting that will best work for you.


No matter the hosting plan you choose, ensure you’ve made a thorough research and it is imperative to read all the reviews and compare notes. With all 14 top companies, you can choose one perfect host for your business’ needs.

We can add more companies; comment below for possible addition of more hosting companies.

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