What is a LOT in Forex Trading?


A lot in Forex

LOTS in forex
LOTS in forex

trading is the minimal traded amount for each currency transaction, a regular account’s one lot equals 100,000 units of the base currency. We will discuss mini and micro-accounts – those that allow trading in smaller lots.

This is simply a standard unit of measurement – when you start off you may choose 10,000 units as your desired volume and because forex trading is leveraged, you don’t need a lot of money in your account to trade the EUR/USD. Currency pairs’ leverage can get to a ratio of up to 50:1.

Three Types of Lots

  • Micro

This type of a lot has an approximated amount of $1000 worth of foreign currency.

  • Mini

Mini slot gets up to $10000 worth of Foreign Currency

  • Standard

The standard slot gets up to $100000 worth of Foreign Currency

You can control a large position with a small amount of money. The Prons and Cons and this is it has substantial profits and can cause substantial losses.

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