What happens after 50, retire or keep working?


Whenever I think I am just less than 18 years to reaching 50, my mind bugs me. However, I then realize that I have 18 years to plan for my retirement or some sort of work I will be doing with my kids who will still be teenagers.

When it comes to retirement, one can only be responsible enough to make sufficient financial provision. As we grow older, we worry a lot more about our mental state and physical health. We want to be mentally fit for a long period, and exercising does wonder.

A lot of people may opt for a retirement plan while some may retire and still find a way to work. However, if I were to retire, I would start traveling the world and learn about other parts of the world.

Most people that I know want to make a difference and leave some kind of legacy behind. Saying it like this, makes one think that retirement brings you close to death, NOPE, that’s not true at all. In fact, that’s when you start living and enjoying the finest things in life.


You don’t have anything to worry about, except your annoying rascals who refuse to grow up, but then the family will always be family.

Some may start giving away money, obviously not all of it, just a portion to make a difference and still have enough left to last you a lifetime. A lot of people love volunteering at orphanages, old age homes, hospitals, etc. making a difference no matter how small.

With the years of experience acquired, one may start a blog, a website, a business as a consultant, and make even more money. Nothing beats experience when you’ve got nothing to lose.

You may start your own business, when you start it at age 50, you will have good years to be productive to your company. Its success like any other business will depend on you. You can even make it a family business, plus, yes – at your age – you might wanna keep your family closer and your friends even closer, see what I did there…

With a swarm of ideas that one can look into whatever you decide to do, if it makes you happy, then do it completely without any regrets. NO REGRETS AT 50.

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