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What is a Fixed 4G on Cell C Network?

Cell C Fixed 4G Data Plans
Cell C Fixed 4G, image: www.cellc.co.za

If you are into speed – Cell C has a smashing fasted Fixed 4G plans that will best suit your business or just use it as a personal need at Home. With the Fixed 4G with Cell C, you get 5 options to choose from. iBusiness recommends this for bloggers who really want the fastest speed. These plans give you large volumes of Data, I will not dwell on speed as I’ve already explained that it’s truly fast.

Prices are reasonable and considering the speed, I would say the prices are fair. The only downfall is coverage. Visit the Cell C  Coverage Map and ensure you have an LTE-enabled router to start surfing the internet at a lightning speed.

The best thing about the plans is that you only pay less than 1 cent per Megabyte for a 200GB Plan. So the highest volume of data you choose, the less you’ll pay in comparison.

Here are the Deals

  1. Cell C Fixed 4G 15GB
Monthly FeeR 301.63
Data-in-Bundle Rate (MB)R 0.02
Inclusive Monthly Anytime Data15 GB


  1. Cell C Fixed 4G 25GB
Monthly FeeR 503.38
Data-in-Bundle Rate (MB)R 0.02
Inclusive Monthly Anytime Data25 GB


  1. Cell C Fixed 4G 50GB
Monthly FeeR 705.14
Data-in-Bundle Rate (MB)R 0.01
Inclusive Monthly Anytime Data50 GB


  1. Cell C Fixed 4G 100GB
Monthly FeeR 1007.77
Data-in-Bundle Rate (MB)R 0.01
Inclusive Monthly Anytime Data100 GB


  1. Cell C Fixed 4G 200GB
Monthly FeeR 1512.15
Data-in-Bundle Rate (MB)R 0.01
Inclusive Monthly Anytime Data200 GB

You can consider a month to month contract or a 24 Months contract, however device deals are only available for 24 month contacts, when your 24 month contract is used up you will be reverted to a month-to-month plan.

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Migration is easy – you only have the option to migrate to CELL C FIXED 4G plans in-store or via Cell C Direct or Retentions on 084 143.

How do the CELL C FIXED 4G plans work?

CELL C FIXED 4G will only work on an LTE and LTE-A enabled device coupled with a Cell C USIM. You will need a Cell C USIM and an LTE and LTE-A enabled device to get started. Once you receive your SIM, insert it into your router and you will connect to the Cell C FIXED 4G network.

Your first data bundle will be loaded as soon as your SIM is activated – this bundle will be pro-rated, depending on the days remaining in the month (your first month’s subscription is also pro-rated). Thereafter all-new bundles will be allocated on the first of the month and are valid until the end of the month.

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