TymeBank CEO – Tauriq Keraan

TymeBank South African Digital Banking
TymeBank South African Digital Banking, image logo: Wikipedia.org

TymeBank is a branch-free bank that’s digital and first of its kind in South Africa. TymeBank is digitally smart and the money spared to build branches is the one benefiting you.  By so doing, with TymeBank you pay way low fees for banking, so low, it probably will be too good to be true – but believe me, it’s true.

Banking with Monthly fees and free banking transactions in most of transactions, and if you are charged any fees, they are at the lowest; you haven’t heard all of it yet.

TymeBank Debit Card
TymeBank Debit Card, image: tradeintelligence.co.za

Opening an account is easy, there are no documents needed, no need to panic once you’ve opened your account you can enjoy all the benefits that come with TymeBank accounts.

Plus, it’s quick and easy. The fees are affordable, and I said, but I want to say it again – there are no monthly fees, and most day-to-day banking transactions are absolutely FREE, and other transactions are so low you wouldn’t feel any difference when your transaction is charged.

With TymeBank you get rewarded for shopping, you get rewarded for spending your own money – you earn a bonus smart shopper point when you shop anywhere in South Africa, and you will be rewarded double smart shopper points when you swipe at Pick n Pay stores.

The Digital Bank has one of a kind tool, called GoalSave, where you can save your money, and or withdraw it without any restrictions, fees or penalties. When you leave your positive balance for a longer period, you can get as much as 10% interest.

For more information, visit https://www.tymebank.co.za/


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