What you need to know about the US Non-Farmer Payroll (NFP)


The Non-farm payrolls (NFP) reports is an important economic indicator related to employment and the number of jobs created in the United States of America.

Understanding this economic event and data release can provide insight on what to expect on the US economy and can help investors and trades to take advantage of unexpected changes in employment. Understanding that a positive NFP number is good for the economy allows investors anticipating a stronger economy in the future which in many cases will prompt them to buy/sell financial instruments that will react from this positive outcome.

On the other hand, a worse than expected NFP often leads to a falling in the US-Dollar as investors sell their US-Dollars.

The latest release has seen the actual figure at 194K, falling short of its 500K forecast while the previous month was reported at 366K.

The latest actual US unemployment rate is 4.8%, which is better than the forecast rate of 5.1%. Last month’s unemployment rate ticked at 5.2%.

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