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Here’s something for Cell C prepaid users and it’s called Bhansela Datathis offers a 50MB free Data and an out of data rate of 35c per MB when you recharge with R20 or more within a calendar month. Every one or rather anyone qualifies and can use the Bhansela Data – if you are both a new or an existing customer – However the default prepaid plan for new customers is ULTRA BONUS where you get 3 times your recharge. (R30 recharge = R90 (R60 being the ULTRA BONUS and valid for 24 hours))

Free Data can only be earned once in a calendar month and will be unlocked when you recharge with R20 in the following month. Is it something that best suit your need, your feedback is very important.

How does SuperRecharge on Cell C work?

  • Get your R5 airtime when you recharge to call anyone.
  • Plus Get 4 FREE Cell C to Cell C Minutes (talk time)
  • Plus Get 4 FREE Cell C to Cell C SMSs
  • Plus Get 4MB FREE DATA (Internet)
  • The higher the recharge the greater the benefits
  • Recharge with R500 or more & get unlimited free calling to Cell C numbers. Now that’s real unbeatable value!

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