Windows 10’s copy-and-paste feature from build 20185 update

Windows 10 update
Windows 10 update, image, Microsoft

The new release of the Windows 10 build 20185 comes with big copy-and-paste changes on the clipboard interface of the operating system. The new interface is accessible through the same way users access their clipboard by simply pressing the Windows key + V.

Windows 10 build 20185 will let you use the content in your clipboard into any application you may want to use such as documents, messages, and emails. From this new exciting interface, users will be able to insert emojis, GIFs, and more.

The new improvement of the updated operating system will also include a history feature in case you’d like you to use past copied items, which will be stored in the clipboard.

This allows a history of 25 recent entries in your clipboard which is more than enough, the more entries there are, the older ones will be replaced with newer ones. This is the only limit assigned and may be increased in the near future.

The Windows 10 build 20185 will also allow HTML contents as well as images which is the best improvement from what we had. You will also be able to sync your clipboard across multiple devices, which requires one to enable it. To do so, users can navigate to the system’s settings and enable the synchronization under the “Sync across devices” tap from your OS.

You can also disable the clipboard history feature should you wish to do so, or you can have them deleted. The features are expected to roll out in the next update which currently is unclear as to when.

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