Are you looking for a loan? Finding the right loan shouldn’t be a challenge, however, there are different offers from a comprehensive list of lenders. Every lender is different; some may charge additional fees, or charges such as late payment fees, and payment insurance, etc.

You can decide on the amount you wish to borrow and select the time frame or period for which you will repay it. It’s best to understand all the terms and restrictions that may affect your application. Loans in South Africa come with different types, from short-term to installment loans – every lender offers different rates, loan terms, and fees.

It is important to note that short-term loans carry a higher interest rate as compared to installment loans. Do you struggle to know which loan option is best for you? Well, with short-term loans, you usually get a small offer to be repaid in a few days, whereas with installment loans you get a range of possible loan offers and you can choose to repay it over a longer scheduled period of time depending on your lender.

You can apply for payday loans online or offline (At the branch or offices) depending on the lender, however, what is often referred to as ‘online loans’ is offered by a number of lenders in South Africa and around the world.

Online loans are usually flexible and transparent. What you see, is what you get and what you pay. Wonga payday loans have no hidden costs. Wonga offers you a 3 day grace period to breathe a little when times are hard.

With Wonga, you borrow from as little as R500. You can borrow as much as R4 000 as a new customer and have your money deposited into your account almost instantly and you can make payments from 4 up to 30 days. Existing customers as tiered to their payment behavior, can borrow up to R8 000 and have an option to pay-off from 4 days up to 6 months.


Wonga logo
Wonga logo

Wonga Finance SA (Pty) is a South African company and a registered credit provider offering short term and payday loans. Wonga is an informal word used in the UK and London to describe cash or money. Wonga in Nguni Languages means ‘status, prestige, treasure…’

Wonga makes use of sophisticated technologies to process your application; this makes the approval process faster. It is the first company to fully automate online loans. You don’t need to fill any paperwork; the system requires a few clicks and a short form to register.

Wonga lets you decide how much you want and how long you will be able to pay it back. You can get a short term loan with Wonga for up to 6 months.

If you find yourself in need of money, Wonga might be the right option for you

How to apply for a Wonga Loan

Applying for a loan with Wonga has been made easier and they have a unique online service that’s fully operated online. For you to get started you must follow the following steps.

Step 1:

  • This is a point where you need to figure out how much you need and for how long do you need it.
  • The Wonga Website provides a simplified slider on the homepage, where you can easily select the amount you need and the duration thereof.
  • You will be shown the full cost of your loan in real-time (When you are happy with your loan and costs, you can click on ‘apply now’ button)

Step 2:

  • You will fill an online application form where you are required to provide personal information. (The information is secure)
  • The information provided will determine your loan approval and qualification thereof.
  • Wonga requires your ID number, employment details, monthly income as well as expenses
  • You will also have to provide your banking details
  • Wonga will respond immediately

Step 3:

  • Upon Approval, Wonga will need to verify your income – you will have to provide your most recent payslip or bank statement showing your monthly income.
  • You will be directed to the Upload section, where you can upload your proof of income

Step 4:

  • Your details will be verified behind the scenes,
  • Once approved, cash will be transferred into your account,
  • Wonga will use the same account for repayments to ensure there are enough funds when a debit order is due.

Wonga Trust Rating

Just like any other rewarding company, as a customer, your Wonga trust rating score will determine how much cash you can apply for – the more you make payments on like, the more you are most likely to get a higher loan of up to R8 000.

As a new customer subject to credit assessment, you automatically qualify for a payday loan from R500 up to R4000, and this will increase to a maximum loan amount.  Trust rating is a Wonga rating system that determines how much you can borrow and can be affected by your Wonga repayment behavior as well as your credit score or record from the Credit Bureau.

Wonga will take into account your salary income, or any kind of income as well as your monthly expenses. Every application is rated, and if you make payments on time, you can apply for more cash however; this is still subject to an affordability assessment. Wonga may decline your application if they believe you cannot afford to make repayments.

Why use Wonga?

Having used Wonga before and how convenient it was for me – it truly is unique and every process is 100% online. Upon approval, Wonga sends the money directly to your bank account at no questions asked.

Their transparency and flexibility, and paperless process make it easier to get your loan approved within seconds if not minutes.  Choose your repayments periods and amount, there are no hidden first – as a first-timer, you get up to R4 000 for up to 6 months.

Wonga lends money to you when you most needed. There are so many obstacles and unforeseen emergencies that may need your financial attention, Wonga will be able to assist you within minutes subject to credit checks with the Bureau.

In some instances, it’s hard to spot bank penalty fees and or other hidden charges and excessive rates charges – NOT WITH WONGA.

Wonga Personal loans

Wonga remains the number one same day loan lender in South Africa. With the loyalty of South Africans in replaying their loans on time, Wonga has expanded the loan period for 6 months; however, this option is only available to Wonga customers.

Wonga offers personal loans for up to 6 months to their loyal existing customers. It is important to note that Wonga carries out credit checks as part of the application process and a decision is made within seconds.

Increase your Wonga Trust Rating by making payments on time and ultimately qualify for a personal loan of up to R8 000.

Wonga Fees

Wonga charges for the Interest rate per day, initiation fee and Service Fees.

Interest rate – Every lender charges an interest rate (which is the percentage of a sum of money charged for its use) and Wonga charges 0.16% per day.

Initiation fee – 16.5% of first R 1000 lent + 10% of loan amount over R 1000 (+VAT). Limited to the lessor of 15% of the loan amount (+VAT) or R994.75

Service fee – R69/month, pro-rated for the first period

Fees (incl. 15% VAT) and interest-based on Chapter 5 regulations of NCA, no 34 of 2005.

Wonga Affiliate Program

Wonga offers an affiliate program for bloggers who have 25 000 unique visits per month. You can apply on Offerforge to join Wonga Affiliate Program. Your website will have to be relevant to loans, business, financial industry and or just a perfect fit to partner with Wonga.

Wonga has provided over 3 million loans in South Africa. Users will conveniently use the Wonga Slider to quickly apply for their loan. Wonga is a 24/7 online service and is transparent with no hidden fees.

If your website is approved, you will be able to serve and promote Wonga services, and make money online,

More Information

Visit, or call 0861-966-421, alternatively you can email if you have any queries. If you encounter anything suspicious, can be an SMS, email or people claiming to be Wonga representatives, contact 0862-966-424 or email

Wonga caters loans for South Africa, United Kingdom, Poland, and Spain.

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